Monday, January 17, 2011

E-Mail #6: Christmas....... a month late !!

I MISS FOOTBALL!!!!!!! Ortiz says thanks for the pen :)

So I got my package on last monday! :))))) It was so great! The candy and the football! and the gum! The pens were sick too! OMG!So ortiz has been asking every one of his american campanions for their parents to send him the missionaries action figures. He literally died when he opened it! He loves it!!! He is a dork! Haha! So the package was wonderful! Thanks-- Merry Christmas! Haha. Ortiz and I should be together for like 2-3 more months! Hopefully! I love him alot. He has taught me alot! So the President lives in the mission home which is in Merida. The packages get sent to the mission office, I was there my first night. I havent gotten my card, maybe today. Who knows? haha.

We have zone confrence every three months. But every week we got to Playa for district meeting. and thats when we go to wal mart :) We didnt go to cancun. We had too much stuff to do. Ortiz has a meeting in cancun this week so he will be there wed and thurs and i will be in Playa with 2 other elders. One is from alabama and the other is idaho. It should be fun i like them alot!

Kenna loves her car! Its such a granny car! Haha but she will grow to love it! I miss her a lot. I loved her note that she put in the box. How is binny? i miss her too-- soo much!

So this week was my 1 month in the field and 4 months so far. 20 more!!! haha the beginning of the week sucked! We pretty much lost all of our investigators! :( So the beginning we tracked all day but the end of the week was better. We had a investigator come to church!!!!! YEA! She's 20 and owns her own hair salon. So we got free hair cuts today :) Im doing good. wayyyyyyyy tired and still miss home and think about home all day everyday! The spanish is still hard but its coming slowly!

This week it rained all day everyday! Not super hard! But it was sooo nice cause it wasnt hot!!! I loved it. Everyone here was soooooooooooooooooo cold! It was funny!

So there is an american in my ward who married a mexican lady. They lived in san diego but moved here cause her mom and dad are dying. But he used to work in carlsbad at the power plant! Small world! His spanish is bad like mine. But he is working on it. Haha but i have jesus on my side. He doesnt Hahaha :)

Fish! WE HAD FISH! With one of our investigators! It was soooo good! I ate the head part! It wasnt bad! The fish was good though with black beans and tomatos! Yea tomatos. They werent to bad. Served with no forks. haha it was dirty! But soo good! so we were tracking and we knocked on a ladies door. She invited us in down at her table and she asked if we wanted soemthing to eat. Ortiz was hungry so we did. Turns out she is an inactive member. The food was cold and it was that pie looking thing but eggs and vegetables. UGGGGHHHH i literally was gaggging! Ortiz was making fun of me but i ate it! Worst experince so far in mexico.

Well not much more to say than i love you mama! Love you Dad! Love you Aleena and love yo Kenna! I miss you all so much! Thanks for the package :)

Ortiz and their missionary action figures

1st Fish Dinner -- the WHOLE fish .....

The Luis family


A note from Mom:

I sent a Christmas package while Chad was still in the MTC, as soon as I heard that he received his VISA and would actually BE in Mexico for Christmas. Of course -- the Post Office assured me that if I spent the bucks it would get to him in time for Christmas. Well ....... just when I thought all was lost - and that his package was literally LOST .... surprise. I'm glad he got it. We haven't figured out how long things take to get to him. So far it's been 2 weeks for a simple card through the Postal Service.

I think Chad's counting is a little off -- he has been in the field for one month. But - that means he's been out 3 months (not 4 months) and he has 21 to go. Oh well --- maybe he's thinking, "Time flies when you're having fun"..... right?????


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