Monday, January 3, 2011

E-Mail #4: Baptism!!!! Wow! To be apart of something like that was sweet!

Picture drawn by Elder Ortiz

HEYYYYYY! What? that week went by so fast!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Im doing good. The spanish is killing me!!!! But everything else is so sweet! My new years was fun! Its pretty crazy here. We had to be home by 8 on new years eve and we couldnt leave till 4 the next day. New years eve we went to the top of the roof with chairs and some munchies and just had a good time. It was so much fun! Lots of fire works and EVERYONE was drunk! Im sending some pics but there's like this scare crow but its like a person and they stuff him with fireworks and at 12 they light it on fire. There was a couple just on our street! So cool! Very loud!

They put cream on everything! Like white cream instead of sour cream! Its not bad. New years lots of people brought us food! We went to walmart last week! So sweet to actually have food!!!

Ive been showing my pics to everyone and everyone says Mom is pretty but not me or Dad! Haha figures!

I want a pic of kennas new car! and of the family! :)

Teaching is getting better but teaching the word of wisdom is hard! i think its stupid. and we have to ask people to stop drinking cofee or they cant be baptized. Its a tough subject but o well

So yes "Cesaar Xooc" He is the son! Kenna add him so he can talk and then i can see your facebook. hehe. He thinks your cute but i beat him up for saying that.

My feet hurt! Soooooooo much walking!!!! But the shoes are great!!!!

Baptism!!!! Wow! Yes i got to babtize her. It was truly amazing! I didnt mess up :) It was sooo cool! To be apart of something like that was sweet! We are trying now to baptize her daughter. She is 22 and has a little girl. I think we will in like 2 weeks :)

The mail system is idk. You just send it and i get it when i get it haha. I think i get stuff every monday if it comes but i havent gotten anything. I havent got your package but who knows when.

I email bryan and jack. nobody told me i cant so... :) I need haji and lacey email and brittany if you can get them for me :)

ATM There are atm here and its like 20 pesos (2 bucks) to take money out. Not bad. Its like $150 for a hamck. I dont know when im going to go to the store but ill see if i have the money.

BEACH!!!! We went this morning! We couldnt touch the sand but wow! So pretty! It made me miss my 2nd home (carlsbad) :( We are like a 5 min bus ride so awesome and we might have an investigator that lives on the beach :)

well i love you guys so much! Happy new year! I miss you alllll! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! LOVE MO

Baptism of Sis. Diaz December 29, 2010


A note from Mom:

I can't tell you how great it was to get this e-mail today. I know it's only been just over a week since we talked to Chad -- but I am dying here ......... I received the e-mail, and thought, "Well, that was good." Then later in the day I went to post the e-mail and there were all these pictures attached. Holy Cow !!! Or should I say, Holy Chad !!! FUNNY! Not sure what to think of Chad in white -- (I, as his mother -- think this is just as it should be -- however, you, his friends, might think, "Who the heck is that ?????") It looks good on him, but then there's the more "traditional pictures" of Chad on the beach. Love that too!! These are some great pictures -- please click on them to see them larger.


Chad's Hammock - This is where he SLEEPS !!

Mucho Dinero !! (About $150)

Is that a tan?????

You've got to click on this one --

Teaching the "drunk" .....

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