Monday, December 27, 2010

E-mail #3: Back in Puerto Morelos

Hey Mama!

It was really nice to talk to everyone! It was easier than I thought! I really only teared up talking to Binny! Haha It sure did go by fast!

So same old bolts! Grr! I just wanted to see them go to the playoffs! O well! I dont get to watch anyways! Everyone here loves american football but they dont have it here. So I show everyone my pics of me and they go crazy! They love it!

Jake! Wow! Argentina! Wow. I dont think he wanted to go outside of the country! Wow! We can speak spanish to each other when we get home! I told kenna to get me his email so that I can write him in the MTC! Its gonna be hard for him but he will do great!

Sending a box! Sweet! It really doesnt matter. I have access to just about everything now cause of the walmart but who knows where I will be in 2-3 months! Junk food haha. I want a monster! Ugh! Next week I will have a address that I want you to send a box to a the Xooc family. I want you to send some of my crappy looking quiksilver t's. Like 5-6 and 2 crappy trucker hats! There son loves it and thinks its so cool that i worked there! Next week I will have the address though!

I forgot to take a pic of me in my hammock. ¡Lo siento! and I didnt take any pics last week cause I was in (HELL)O! Good news though! I got to leave Sunday night instead of Monday! I was so happy! Its good to be 'home' haha. i missed Ortiz and Puerto Morelos. This morning we went to play basketball with the Xooc family and to but a load of laundry in there washer. But Sis. Xooc forgot to connect the water so there house got flooded! It was so funny! But its a small house and concrete. They are so awesome. They fed us to like always :) I love em sooo much!

So it was a hard week! But Im happy now that im here in Puerto Morelos! The baptism got moved to Saturday and were going to 'Magdelana' to plan it tonight! Wal-Mart today! Im pumped! Should be great! :) Well....its only been 2 days since I talked. dont have much more to say than I love you guys tons and miss you mucho!
I love you Dad! Miss you so much! I love you Binny! Be nice! and be happy! :) I love you Kenna! Take care of that car and dont be stupid! Moma! I love you muchooo!

Love Mo!

PS I met some people from Phoenix so they should be sending a pic or calling you mom :)

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  1. I love this guy! He is going to do awesome things. I know Heavenly Father is blessing him with this family and companion and has great things in store for Chad!!!
    Love you guys tons!!!