Thursday, December 2, 2010

E-Mail #6: Visa IS HERE !!!!!

Hey mama!

I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so on tuesday we're in class and the intercom comes on and their like "Is Elder Mayberry there?" I was like yeaaaaa! They said come to the travel office! They told me I was going to Salt Lake at 1pm to go to the consolate! So I go on the bus with like 20 others. It was nice to get outside of the MTC! So we pull up to the Mexican Consolate and the driver says "Im sorry but only half of you got your visas!" I knew i wasnt gonna get mine cause im still 2 weeks out! There were elders who had been here 3 weeks over! So i was pissed! However, the lady said im soooo sorry but you will have to come back tommorrow! So i got to go to Salt Lake twice in 2 days! I have my visa officially! I havent gotten my travel plans yet but i should leave on Dec 13! I am so excited!!!! Im actually excited to teach the gospel and let people know the happiness I get out of the gospel! I love it! im soooo stoked!

So i wont be able to see David. But thats cool! And OMG! Jake put his papers in!!!!! Can you send me his adress so i can write him! Im so excited for him! Yeaaaa! Also I need Tylers address! I miss him alot and should write him! :)

Thanksgiving was way different! The food was pretty crappy! Haha and i didnt get to eat allloooottt! Haha but It showed me how others are so thankful for even a crappy peice of turkey. We did a service project like all day. We made back packs for kids in pooor countries so that was cool. As a MTC we made like 33,000! Pretty cool! However the next friday I missed Black Friday! O the good times!!! :( haha

OMG! The chargers are kickin butt!!!! Awwww i wish i could just watch like the high lights!!! :( I hope they go far! Everyone sees me wearing my shirt and they get excited! I love it, but a new kid in our zone is a Broncos fan soooo..... haha its fun!

So im gonna need $100 cash for my travel sometime soon. I dont really get to check my balance on my card so idk haha but im gonna need it by Dec 13 or before like the 10.

Today im gonna get my pics printed out for you guys. i have alot of good ones of snow and our thanksgiving :)

So im gonna write grandma virgina and have a heart to heart talk and talk to her about the church. It finally clicked that she NEEDS the gospel! She needs to do something or she is gonna go crazy!!!! I think she will be perfect for it! :) Im in missionary mode and she needs it haha. im turing into a dork! haha!

So i need some things....

~ The other carry on bag. Im gonna need it with all my books and crap they have given me here. So if you could send me that gray carry on that would be wonderful! :)

~I need a set of tweezers my uni is getting crazy!! Haha

~ I also need a foot scrubber4 my feet! There getting gross to!

~ and i need a fix my ties when they get messed up. its a trick i learned here.

Well momma! I miss ya! Im really getting scared about mexico cause its official! Im going now in like 11 days! HUHHHHHHH!!!!!! Crazy i cant even speak spanish yet! I feel so behind! People in my district can read the BOM en espanol! I can not!!!! Ugh its so hard pero i know i can do it and i know the lord will bless me! :) Tell kenna im writting her a letter today. Tell alenna i miss her horrible and love her mucho!!!!!!!!! Tell Dad i miss him soooooooooo much! I love him soooo much!!!!! Mama! I love uuuuuuu! hehe! I miss u tons and hope you and the rest of the fam are doing good! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Con Amor, Mo :D

ps i hope you got the pic of the shoes. I really need them :/ my other shoes suck! you cant send shoes to Mexico except one by one. I hope maybe grandma hammond can buy them! :) I love you mom :)

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