Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missed Phonecall

A note from Mom:
Let me start by explaining that my cellphone quit working about a week or so ago, and my children have taken all of our upgrades for, oh let's say, the last 3 or 4 times. So - with anticipating a call from Chad on "Airport Day", I thought I'd better start using Chad's cellphone. Yesterday, during class, Chad's cellphone went off. Blink 182. Some pretty wild song. Fourth graders ..... Blink 182 ....... get the picture??? Anyway -- it was Ken saying, "Did you talk to your boy???" WHAT?? He had gotten his travel plans and tried to call. I had been at recess duty. I didn't even know how to check his messages. So - Kenneth told me that they had talked for about 15 minutes. I am NOT jealous. I am NOT jealous !!! Ken did finally tell me the code for his messages and so I heard a sweet, "Hi Mama." OOHHHHHH!!!! Tears start a comin'. But - I did not get to talk to him. Ken said that he was emotional, but SOOOOO excited to get to Mexico. He will be calling from Salt Lake City Monday morning, and then hopefully again from Mexico City in the afternoon before he heads off to Merida. His buddies also got their VISAS so they will be traveling to Mexico City with him. That was great news. I am so anxious to hear his voice and talk to him. It will be really great. Then we will get to talk to him again on Christmas. I didn't realize that the elders in the MTC do not get to talk to their families. HOW HARD!! Ok - I guess it IS good that he is leaving before the Holidays.

Another chapter is beginning. Chad has changed so much already. He told his Dad, "My testimony has changed, Dad. It really has." I'm so proud to be his Mom. : o)


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