Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's pray for ..... MEXICO !!

A note from Mom:
We got to talk to Chad today !!!! And, boy was it emotional. I really did well, held it together pretty good..... until I hung up. It was SO good to hear his voice. He sounded so good. A bit emotional himself, but happy. A little nervous, but excited. Now, his plane has landed in Merida, and I'm wondering, once again ..... Where will he sleep tonight??? Is he OK???? Will he make friends???? UGH!

Last week Ken bore his testimony and said, "We want to ask you all to pray for Chad. He got his VISA and he will be heading to Mexico in a week or so." When Brother Nelson (Bro. Dude to Chad) closed the meeting he got up and said, "Yes, I think we need to pray for Chad. But, more importantly, ....... we need to pray for Mexico............." : o)

And, it's true. Mexico doesn't know what has just dropped across their border.

He ate Burger King this morning and said that "It was SO GOOD !!!" Yuck! What does that tell ya?? Maybe he's eating beans and rice tonight and really loving it!

Oh man -- I love that boy. It was so good to hear from him, but so hard at the same time. I've been teary all day. I MISS HIM !!!! Kenna got to talk to him too. Yes - she bawled. (I think Chad shed a few tears too. : o) He gave her a ton of his usual dating advice as she turns 16 in 2 days.

This is exciting. He's off and running. Or, in his words, "It's GO time." --Mom


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