Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mexico E-mail #1: I'm here in Merida !

A note from Mom:
I was sitting at school thinking to myself -- "I wonder if they'll just e-mail us to let us know that Chad got there ok." So - I thought I'd check the e-mail. What a surprise !!! There was this wonderful e-mail from my boy !!!!! YIPPEE!! What a wonderful gift. The Lord is good to me. --Mom

Hey Mom! Im here in Merida! Sorry I couldnt call again. We landed in Mexico City and thought it was 2 hours ahead instead of 1. So we were literally runing through Mexico City Airport! Turns out our flight left an hour late. It was horrible. we couldnt find our gate! and for me to use that card I was supposed to call a 1-800 in the us before leaving! Ugh so anyway. Presidente Salinas picked us up at the airport with the 2 APs. He took us out to dinner. Ugh! So good! I had this pineapple smoked pork burrito! It was yummy. He got this appetizer that was just tortillas and cheese! The cheese was sooooo good! Then the APs took us to the Mission office where they and all the secetarys live. I slept in a Hammack!!! Wow!!!! They gave us our own hamack. Mine is blue. it's pretty cool. It was different thats for sure! Its gonna take some time to get use to it. There are 3 english speakers and 4 spanish here at the office. Pres speaks a lil english but mostly spanish.

On the plane ride from salt lake to mexico city. Not gonna lie. i was scared cause I had to leave my companions :( That really sucked! But when I got on the plan from Mexico City to Merida I sat by a business man that worked for coca cola. He was telling me how it was safe and beautiful and just amazing! That really comforted me! He gave me his business card and i gave him a pass along card. I hope to be able to teach him someday. When I got here I felt so goood!

We woke up this morning. I slept like crap! I have 8 bug bite and I took the coldest shower of my life! They heat buckets of water up here. Crazy! We didnt eat until like 11 cause Prez and his wife came over to interview us and taught us why we are here. Sis Salinas made ham sandwiches but with quacomlee! (spelled that wrong haha) anyway it sucked. Im gonna have to learn to like it! So now i am leaving. Dont know where but im getting my new companion who speaks a little english. My PDay is Monday. So i wont be able to talk until then. My new adress is

Calle 45 #527 x 70 y 72
Colonia Centro
Mérida, Yucatán CP 97000

Phone for Mission Office is: 01-800-712-0860

So this is really hard! No lie! I really miss home especially feeling like I have nobody right now. But i no that i have the lord. and My mission Prez is way cool. The spanish will come. its hard and im really tired but I know I need to be here and I cant come home. I miss you so much mama. I miss dad and kenna and lena! Ugh this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my whole life! Ugh! Well I love you tons and Christmas is only like 2 weeks away!

Love you mucho!
Love , MO

Ps The key board is even in spanish! Crazy!

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