Thursday, December 9, 2010

E-Mail #7: "With faith there is no fear, but with fear there is no faith"


Okay so i think she means to just dont have both of the bags at exactly 50 pounds cause than you could be screwed for double.

I sent you a card for my old camera. That one was blank but for your Bday card I sent my card with pics on it. It must have goten broken on the way there :( the pics are gone :( it sucks but owell I guess. Ill have to pack it better next time.

I havent gotten the shoes yet but probably today. Thanks :) Im sure i will love them!

I got the package with the tweezers and money and the calling card. Thanks so much that helps alot!!!!!! The Calling card. I think I can use it outside of the country. there is a phone number on the back. Ill try to call that number but if not I will get one in Mexico.

Dont worry Mama! I will be a good boy! I didnt waste almost 2 years to get sent home. I break some rules here but in the field its go time! Im excited to meet my Mission Prez! That really helps me. Now Im not soooo scared! Haha OMG Im so excited to get out of here!

Dont worry about the carry on. My flight from Mexico City to Merida, I can only have 26 pounds so i will just jam my back pack full!

:(((((((((((((( I cant believe my chargers lost to the flippin Raiders!!! There is a new kid here in my zone and he is a raiders fan so we argue. its fun but gosh darn! Really bolts!? it will be ok. They will win the wild card :)))

Im sending a package today of all the junk that i dont wont to take to mexico. Ugh today is gonna be sooo busy! Lots today!!!

My flight plan: I fly DELTA to MEXICO CITY at 9:45am and arrive in Mexico at 2:51pm
Than I fly: AEROMEXICO to MERIDA at 4:50pm and arrive in Merida at 6:40pm

So i am going to call on Monday Morning at probably 8 or so. maybe 8:30 from salt lake and then i will call from mexico around 3:30 or 4.

Im flying to Mexico City with Elder Price, Udall, White and Johnston. Im so excited!!!! That should be way fun!!!! Than from mexico to merida I dont know who i fly with.

So calling Dad yesterday was way hard! Much harder than I thought. I wanterd to call you but it didnt work out. i left 2 voicemails one on my old phone and one on yours. Hope u got to listen.

Well Im so excited to talk to everyone. i hope i have lots of time to talk in the airports. I love you all so much!!!! Im kinda stressed about going but "With faith there is no fear, but with fear there in no faith" So I have lots of faith that I will do good. Im so excited to share the gospel and to let others know how it brings happiness! My testimony has grown so much!!

I love you all mucho!!!!!!!! Cant wait to talk to you guys :)))))))))))))

Con Amor, Mo


Elder Chad mayberry
Mexico Merida Mission
Calle 45 # 527 Q y Calle 70
Colonia Centro
97000 Merida, Yucatan Mexico

Phone is 52-999-923-5860

That is the new adress please post it on facebook :D

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