Monday, January 10, 2011

E-Mail #5: So this morning we went to the jungle! Took our Mashetees and went!


Another week down! Wow it went by super fast!!! So this week started out amazing! We found two new familias. One family that the father had some drug problems. Haha we actually took his weed from him so he wouldnt smoke anymore! Pretty fun. He has a wife and an 8 year old son. So were like -- sick! Three people! Then we had another family that they were catholic but had some spouse problems in the past and have 2 boys. One is 10 the other is 5. Sick! Another 3! So we taught them alll week. There doing good. Keeping the commitments. So come Sunday....noone shows up for church! We were so pissed! The first family, the wife said she doesnt need us and doesnt want to learn more and the husband slept all day! Ugh!!!!!!!! Truly sucks! The other family both had to work. Then... two other of our best invesgators Erika and Areli. Erkia owns a haircutting place and Areli is the daughter of the woman that I baptized. Erika said in the middle of the week that she doesnt want to learn but we stopped by on Friday and she changed her mind but then come sunday...what does she do instead of go to church.....she went to the beach!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Areli has a little girl. (I knew that part) The part I didnt know was she lives in Mexico city with the babies daddy and isnt married!!! I guess she is going back next week! Ugh so frusterating! So knowbody came to church and we had to drop 2 investigators cause they dont want to learn more :(

But other than that -- ya! I love the people. the baptism was so fun! The people are nice. They kinda understand me but we have fun with it. There is a guy in the ward that makes business cards. He is making me some cards that say my name and my emails and the address for back home. It will be cool.

So there is a sports bar here and when we walk by we walk by realllllly slow cause the play offs were on :) Last night we went to the mission leaders house and watched a church movie and just hung out! It was nice to chill. We watched the mexican sports center for like 5 mins. I hope its the Ravens and Jets for the super bowl and the Ravens win! Words cant describe how much I miss football and my beard! I show everyone my scrap books and everyone loves my beard! :(

So this morning we went to the jungle! Took our Mashetees and went! It was fun but sooooooooo hot! We saw a 5 foot snake! and lots of frogs! It was lots of fun!

This saturday were going to Cancun to the Stake Center for a priestood thing. The guy that makes scripture cases should be there. So today im taking out $70 bucks. Next monday were going to the Puerto (The beach) I guess there is a hammock store. Ill probably take $100. I cant wait :) It will be so sweet! So the beach, we're not technically allowed to go, but we just CANT touch the sand! So we dont go often! :( But yesss its so hard! I dont like to go often cause it makes me miss home and I get pissed off cause I cant get in.

So our P-Day is a little different now. We dont have to be in Playa for district meeting till 6 but we have to study for 2 hours in thye morning. So its kinda better. Gives us some more time.

So Ortiz wants a scripture pen. He said he will pay for it. and if there are any cheap charger jerseys at like walmart one of those to. He is a cowboy fan. and that crap doesnt fly in my house! Haha!

So the President came to our house on Saturday! We were up all night cleaning and doing paper work. But it went well. He and his wife came and they loved our house cause it was spotless (of course). it was good. He said my spanish was getting alot better! That was encouraging.

Well not much more to say but I love you Mama! I love you Dad! Miss you so much! Kenna dont crash the car! Love you! Aleena! I miss you tons and love ya lots!


Love, MO :)

Presidente and his wife

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