Thursday, October 21, 2010

MTC 1st E-mail. HURRAY !!!

A note from Mom:
I have been going absolutely CRAZY waiting for an e-mail from Chad. I thought for sure it would come within Ithe first week, right???? But - it finally came today. Thank goodness. I was ready to go to Utah and pull him "out of there". HAH! Not !! I was not worried about him -- I knew where he was, and he wasn't driving anywhere....... But, I really was nervous about how he was, how he was reacting to things, how he was feeling. So - here is his e-mail. I got three of them. Short and sweet, but sooooooooo needed! --Mom


Today's E-mail from Chad:

#1: Holy crap! Mom! I miss everyone so much! This is the hardest thing i have ever done! Thats cool about conference. Elder russell nelson spoke on tuesday night that was so cool! The spirt is so strong here! It is so hard but I no it will be worth it. Everyone is having problems with visas so pray!!!!! im learning alot. i no how to pray and to kinda testify in spanish. last night we did our first investigator thing. it was so hard! my compainioon is cool kinda. he speaks spanish really good. so i feel like crap everyday cause he is so good! there is also a guy in my distict from mesa he knows adam and michael. he is also brittanys 2 cousin! LOL im trying my best here and hope things get better! i miss u guys sooo much. i didnt think it would be this hard! i really relized how much i love dad, mom, kenna and aleena! sorry i only have 30 min! there is even a timer at the top! but i get my mail everyday so please tell everyone like bryan, brittany, everyone at church that they can write me. or even do that "dear elder thing". i also get packages. like some dr.pepper woukld be yummy! or chips and salsa! haha :) this morning we went to the temple it was really cool. its all in one room and is a spiritual experiance. My testimony has grown soooo much even in just a week. a guy in our distict his mom died on friday. it was so sad. he is doing so well!!!!! anyway i love and miss u guys so much. if u have questions about my adress i think u can call the mtc. ummm tell kenna to post something on facebook for my friends to write me. she can message brittany to tell her to write me to. i hope all is well with school for u and kenna and work is good for dad and lenna isnt getting into too much trouble.! i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu guuuuuuuuuyyysss soooooooooo much.
love Mo :)

#2: i have 3 mins left! i love u guys! please try to contact brittany, haji, bryan, and people from church. tell them to write not email. only u can write and email/ i love u mom :) i love u dad :) i love you kenna :) and beenie winnie! i love u too. stay out of trouble!!!
love, mo :)

#3: next week i will write a better letter! i will have a full 30 min for just u guys much love!!!!!!! i love u all! :)

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