Monday, October 11, 2010


THURSDAY, June 3, 2010

No -- he didn't shave ........... (What can I expect????)

Chad received his mission call today to the Mexico Merida Mission. He reports October 13, 2010. We are SO happy !! He will be speaking Spanish -- (Those two years of Spanish in High School will definately NOT be enough ....) Just by our first glance it looks like a beautiful place to be. It is on the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, down by Guatemala and Honduras. It is near Cuba. It looks very Caribbean like -- not sure if it is. And, yes, there's a beach. OH NO !!! We are truly overwhelmed. A friend of ours (Sam) got his mission call last week and he is giong to Madagascar and leaving in ONE MONTH!! I was not hoping for it to be that close -- but 4 MONTHS !!!! I'm sure the time will go quickly and I will be whining that he is leaving way tooooo soon. It looks like he may get to Mexico just in time for Christmas. Oh my -- can't much think about that.

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