Monday, May 14, 2012

E-Mail #74: That’s another one that didn’t accept the gospel in the time that I wanted

Whats up Mama!

YES! It was so nice to talk to everyone! I loved it! Wow! I love the pics!!! Bryan is soooo skinny!!!! Crazy!!! I need to lose weight! Haha! Haji looks like he gained weight. Haha! He looks buff! Haha! So all the other ones it looks like you were crying I didn’t tell on the phone. I was a little bummed. I wanted to talk to you for a little bit longer. L Only 5 month’s right??? Haha! Grandma couldn’t handle it huh? Haha! She is getting old. Tom really wants me to work for him ugh? I don’t know. I think I would make more money with Suntec and I would speak Spanish everyday! But it would be good to learn air conditioning. I could do that and the fire department. It’s something I need to think about. Dad told me not to worry about getting a car when I get home. That’s exciting! J I think I want a white Toyota Tacoma. Not brand new but something a little nicer. I’m a man now! Haha!

Something SWEET happened this morning. I got a phone call from a sister in my old area. Garcia Gineres. Remember that area? When I was in the offices? Well the two girls that Vinay and me baptized. Well they have an Aunt and we wanted to baptize her boyfriend. Well they got married and now he wants to get baptized. He wants me to do it! J That’s another one that didn’t accept the gospel in the time that I wanted to but in the lords time! J I love the mission!

Well I gotta go. Yes, I have to write Prezy EVERY week. J Love ya!

Love, MO


A note from Mom:

It was so nice to hear Chad yesterday.  We had a wonderful LONG visit.  We had lots of friends and family for him to talk to as we "shared the phone".   He sounds so good and happy.   Here are some highlights.

* Very interesting:  He said that the Mexico missions have made a new rule.  The universal language of the Church is now English, so now when they are in their apartments or houses they are to speak English.  Strange !!  So, the native companions that he's with are needing to learn English.  He said this is really hard.  He has  to pray in English, and that (turns out) is harder than it sounds.  HA!  This is really a big change. 

* He had a horrible experience this week (he says the worst "of my mission").  They were going to baptize a guy last week and when they went for their final meeting with him, his father was there who Chad says is a little crazy.  Well, he was getting pretty heated.  Chad finally said that they just needed to say a prayer, and call it good for the day.  They said the prayer and then this father absolutely came OFF on Chad.  Swearing, calling him names, etc.  Chad was like, "Hey, what did I do??"  The man told him to never come back, his companion, and the other mexican guys there were welcome to come back, but not Chad.  Chad felt SO BAD !!  He truly felt that it was only because he was white. 

* They found a place, but it is super tiny.  He says it's about the size of our master bedroom. 

Oh, it is SO hard.  I was not crying, but I WAS emotional ..... the whole time.  It's always so hard for me to talk to him.  I love to talk to him, but afterwards I HURT SO BAD !!  This time was particularly bad.  I don't know why.  The time is flying, and I'm so anxious to see him - to hug him.  His buddies help alot.  I hugged them - hard.  Haji even gave me a rose for Mother's Day, which made me teary eyed.  That is something Chad would do.  : o )    

Talking to us on the phone

My new house - super small
My area is called Chuburnà

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