Monday, June 4, 2012


Whats up Mama!
Work is good! This week Paula came to church! She is sooo excited! She is getting babtized on 23 of June. But..she has to get married. I think we can do it! :) Were also teaching a little girl name Shirley. Her Mom is inactive. But they have gone to church two sundays in a row now. :) She is getting babtized on 16 of June. The work is doing good. We have  great days and our crappy days. But o well.
The wedding! Yea its kinda weird. Because I could be married in a year!!! Its the next part of the mission. Is to get married! Crazy! Im happy for him. I got the invitation last week. Haha! Took awhile.
Im gonna tell Kenna to dump this dweeb. Or just lead him on for another four months so I can kick his...... yea. Haha! Im gonna write her soon.
I miss Cali sooooo much!!! Like soooo much! Im jealous! I want to go when I get back. I think me and Bryan are going to go :)
The plans sounds good! :) Im sooo excited! Im gonna write a letter to Fabian. :)
So, I got a phone call on Wednesday night. Guess who? ........ENRIQUE! He said "Im coming to Merida on Saturday" So, YES WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!! O Mom, it was soooo great! I hadnt gone in a year! I missed it sooo much!! Saturday morning Enrique came all by himself at 1 in the morning, so that he got here at 10am. I got to be his assistant! I took him to get his G's and everything. I had to explain alot! I forgot alot! But it was cool. In the Celstial room I said a prayer and I asked if I should continue with what I want to do. Got to school and be a fire fighter, and get married. So I asked -- then I opened up the Book of Mormon for my answer. The scripture that I opened up said that when the spirit confirms, it is JOY. I felt soooo happy. I was just smiling to myself in the celestial room! Funny! So, I have to study right when I get home and i have to get married! Haha! That part is kinda freaky but thats what I felt. Enrique was a little nervous. He still is. He is worried about his mom. I told him in the celestial room that EVERYTHING is gonna be alright. They will be BETTER than they are now. It was such a great experience. I cant wait to go with Fabian. And I could undersdtand ALOT more than the last time I went!
Im really happy! I love the mission! Im getting excited more and more to go home. But I love it! I cant wait till you and Dad get to meet them. :))))
I love ya! Miss ya! I cant send pics on this crappy computer. Sorry :(( Next week. Promise! :)
Love, MO

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