Monday, June 18, 2012

Email #79: A week of baptisms !!

Whats up Mama

So, it was a good week. I think I forgot to tell you, but my second week back here in Merida. I got a phone call from Manuel. He is the Uncle of the girls that Vinay and I baptized in Garcia Gineres. Remember them? Well he called me and said, "well I’m getting baptized and I want you to baptize me."  :) Wow! He said that when I left, he was just about to start listening to us. He always said no I can’t or its not my time yet. But, his time came. On Wednesday I went back to my old area and baptized him. :) It was so great! That’s my second convert that got baptized when I didn’t want it to happen but when the lord did. I love it! All the people told me that I am sooo skinny!

Then on Saturday Shirley got baptized. I got to do it too :) We ate afterwards. The food that we ate is called Cochinita. Its pig but in a sauce that is really greeaasyyyyy and really good! Its sooo bad for you! But I love it!!! A lot of her family came. It was good!

My new companion…well I think I’m starting to put ALL of what I have learned from my old companions into practice with this guy. We haven’t fought yet, but there have been moments when I could have.  Just a few things that DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! He eats sooooo much! Then he can’t walk fast because he is fat. Sister Salinas put him on a diet but he doesn’t want to do it. Anyway… president told me today to just be humble. So that’s what Im gonna do.

On Saturday before the baptism we were walking and I caught an iguana in the street. Some old lady came outside and we started to talk to her. We invited her to church. Guess what? She came! Her and her daughter! Crazy!!! Totally didn’t think she would come. So tomorrow were going back to see what’s up. She is nice and like 4 feet tall. Haha! Paola is doing really good! She just needs to get married and then we can baptize her. The ward is going to help pay for part of the wedding! Sweet!!! I’m excited for her!

Well, I gotta go. I love ya sooo much! Tell Beanie I said hi! :)

Love, MO

Baptism of Manuel
June 13, 2012

Baptism of Shirley
June 16, 2012

Old Catholic church

What's with the iguanas????

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