Monday, June 25, 2012

Email #80: We had nine people come to church!!! Sweet!!!

Whats up Mama!

So we had a really good week. We had a zone conference. It’s always good to learn more. We had nine people come to church!!! Sweet!!! Paola came. She is doing really well! We're hoping that we will be able to baptize her this week. She just has to get married.  Here you have to do blood tests first. We're going to do that on Wednesday. That same day we're going to the court place to make the date for the wedding. Hopefully they will give us a date for THIS week. Pray for her! J Were also teaching a couple of kids. There doing good. There all like nine or ten. We also are teaching a family, without the Dad. He doesn’t live there. The mom is Elizabeth. She is like 58. She first didn’t want anything but then came around. She loves it now! She has read up to Jacob in just a week and a half. We taught her about the commandment “No false images”.  She has a two foot virgin in her living room. Lots of that crap. She said that she felt like she needed to get rid of it all. Everything we teach, she accepts. Its great! She has like ten kids. Were teaching Reina and Gloria. Reina is 15 and Gloria is 23 with a newborn. There doing good. There baptismal date is planned for 14 of July. Hope everything keeps going smoothly. Oyuki the girl that I baptized last week didn’t go to church yesterday. UGH! I felt like crap. They said that she slept in. I was pretty pissed at the mom because she isn’t helping AT ALL! Very frustrating. Were going to keep teaching her. ´

So my companion and I. It’s hard! But I’m just trying to do my best. He is one of those guys that are all talk and nothing else. That bugs me. I feel like I work alone. It’s hard! But this Elizabeth loves him. Don’t know why, but o well. I just got to keep going.

So, the mission is really starting to get hard! I have been thinking about home A LOT! Thinking about stupid things when I come home. EVERYBODY always ask how much time I have in the mission. Then they just tell me, O it’s just around the corner. It’s so hard!!! Three and a half months!  We have transfers 23 of July. I really want to train a new kid again. It will give me more energy! We´ll see what’s going to happen.

Omar is getting sealed on July 4, I think. I think I’m going to be able to go! I hope so! I want to go sooo bad! I have been waiting for more than I year for this! Haha! Castañeda is coming to Merida on that day for a conference, so he is going. I’m so excited!!! Pray for me! Haha!

Keep enjoying your vacation. It will be gone before you know it! Haha! Tell Dad I said hi and I love him. Tell Binny I want her to write me. I love ya Mama!

Love, Mo

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