Monday, June 11, 2012

Email #78: So Moncada left!

Wow! So Moncada left! :( He went to Cancun. My new companion is Elder Flores. He has 15 months in the mission. I kinda fought with this kid in Cancun a little bit. I hated him. But I guess this is what I get. Haha! He is from Sonora. Its pretty close to Arizona. He hasnt been a good boy in his mission. That why he is a junior. But it doesnt matter. Im gonna have a good attitude and work hard! This week Moncada was sick! So it was a little hard. I miss him so much! I'm pretty sure that we are going to babtize Shirley on Friday. I hope so! She didnt go to church yesterday. Her Mom isnt helping us very much! Kinda sucks! Paola is progressing really good! She is gonna get babtized on the 23 of June. She needs to get married first though! But yesterday we had a lesson with the Bishop and her husbad. It was really good!!! :) The work is going good! I'm gonna have 20 months on Wednesday! CRAZY! Only 4 more!!! Thats hard! Today was kinda hard. I miss home a little. I dont really want to be here with this kid. But I know that there is a reason for it. I just gotta keep working hard!

The wedding! I wish I was there! Thats funny about your recommends. You should make sure you check that out! Haha! Dad is just getting old. Thats why he doesnt get mad any more. Haha! Thats crazy that Denny is a Bishop!!!! He is gonna do great!!!

Kenna's gone! Crazy! I hope she has fun and be´s safe!!!!! I really want to go to Europe! Some day! The pic is good! I like it. Im gonna print it and put it on my last agenda. Kenna only sent me a few. Tell her to send more of the family! I love getting pics. :)

Enrique leaves on Wednessday! Im so excited for him!! I love him sooo much! Pray for him.

Well mama...I love ya and miss ya tons!

Love, Mo

Ps My companions Dad lives in Phoenix. He is illegal. Haha! He makes furniture. I dont know what part.

Enrique and me at the temple

Elders Hearne, Brovo, Moncado,
Hermano Hernandez & Campo

Rainy Day

My new companion
Elder Flores

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