Monday, April 16, 2012

E-Mail #70: When the spirit works the people change

Whats up mama!

It was another good week here in the mission. We had alot of people come to church. We have this guy that his name is Armando. His wife is a member but he never got babtized. Its so crazy how when the spirit works the people change. This guy, these last few weeks he hasnt been excited. But we went back this week and he is so excited! He is going to get babtized on wednessday. Im excited! Last night we watched a documentary about good ol Tommy Monson. He liked it. They live in the small town called Avante. Its right by the airport. So when we fly in. We will be able to see it. There is also a sister that got babtized like 6 months ago. She has a kid that isnt a member. Were hoping to babtize him this week too. He is 10. This lady has a friend. She and her 2 daughters went to church yesterday too. So were hoping as well to babtize them. The mom wants her kids to grow up in a relgion. There excited but the mom, not so much. So were working on these people right now.

My companion is driving me crazy! He gets so but hurt. Anything he does or says goes. But then when I do something he flips. Very very hypocritical. Ugh!!! Im learning LOTS of patience and trying to be humbled. We have changes in 2 weeks. I think he is leaving. I hope so J But its good to get better at stuff.

So last week I ralked to Price. Remember him from the MTC. He is from Utah. He is a zone leader in Veracruz. I love him! He is doing soooo good on his mission! He really pumped me up. He got me excited! He told me that the mission isnt just for them but for us. That its an eternal thing. He is just a good guy! Today he sent me a talk from Elder Holland.

So all the missionaries are coming here today. There is going to be like 8 in my house!!! Haha! So only 6 months more. My 18 months was good! Crazy how fast the time goes! Time to work. I want to have a hot wife! Haha! Tell cory thanks for the motivation. Haha!

Well Mama! I love ya sooo much!!!

Love, MO

18 months --

Burning of the pants !!

I liked this guys beard ....

We gave him a Book of Mormon

I love the little towns.....

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