Monday, April 2, 2012

E-Mail #68: So conference was great!

Whats up Mama!

So, sounds like you’re doing good! Just being a little missionary now! That’s great! Here Conference is not on TV. So we have to go to the Stake Center. Hope this family liked the message. That would be sweet! But ya, it happens a lot when they just don’t show up. Kinda sucks. haha!

PLEASE! Send my shirts. I thought I was going to get them tomorrow. Because there is a conference. :( It takes so long to get stuff. My shirts are so dead! There gross!) So, please please please!

Of course I was a part of helping Enrique go on the mission! He had lots of doubts! But he is excited! I saw him yesterday. It was nice. Then he called me today and said he messed up last night! I was like WHAT?? What happened? Nothing happened. He just went to the movies on a Sunday and felt bad! Haha! I told him he shouldn’t do that. But he is ok. Haha! To funny! He leaves on June 13!

So conference was great! It was the first one that I really tried to pay attention. The one that I actually learned stuff! I guess that’s the mission! We got to watch it in English! It was great! We had our own room with air conditioning. It was nice! I really like the talks from Bednar about “Just be a good boy” and Holland “Step up” Haha! That guys good! Uckdorf “Stop it” and to LOVE and FORGIVE. I really liked it.

So on Wednesday we went to the small town because a sister had a referral for us. We only went and invited him to conference. Told him that we would come to pick him up. So Sunday we did divisions, I went with a member and Asencio went with another guy. Asencio went to the small town. He said he went to go by his house and there was the brother. Sitting and waiting while reading the Book of Mormon. He really enjoyed the conference! It’s crazy how when people are ready there ready! :) It was great! We have another guy that went. His wife is a member but he never got baptized. We got him to go to the first session. We’re waiting for his papers to get done so that he can get married. I’m excited for him. I passed for a guy that is a member but inactive. We’re teaching his little girl. We were in the car and we drove around the corner and the brother was outside drinking at 9 in the morning with his friends. But it was funny because it was like slow motion because he saw me and then tried to hide his beer! Love those moments! There always so afraid of us. But it was a good session weekend.

My companion and I are good. He is so cocky! He always has to get his last point in every lesson. He just needs to let the spirit teach. We’re doing good though! This week I realized “I need to be who I was when I started the mission”. Just be here to love and help the people. I feel that as I have gained more time in the mission, I have changed and I don’t like it. So, that's what I’m focusing on. I’m doing good though!

Oh, I saw Ingrid from my old area. She still hasn't gotten married yet but she has her date to get married on 21! I think I’m gonna be able to baptize her :) Im excited! I saw Sugey too yesterday. I’m gonna take her on a date when I get back. Haha!

I gotta go! I love ya lots Mama!

PS (Presidente wrote me and thanked me out of no where for all my good work in the offices. Good stuff !!)

All the gringos watching conference

This is a lady's pet iguana.

The greener the yummier ! I said, "Let's eat it."

She flipped !!!

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