Monday, November 8, 2010

PICTURES ..... yah!

First laundry day. P-Day is the best !!

Me and Elder Price from Utah

Elders Lunt (my old companion) and Elder Udall (kid from Mesa)

First Sunday at the Temple


Chad sent these pictures today along with a letter. Highlights:

* Yesterday was so bad! I was so sick but today we went to the nurse and we got to go to the BYU Pharmacy. We got to go to "the real world". We walked down the street. It was awesome.

* Praying in Espanol is so cool!!

* Today was a really good Spanish day. I learned alot and felt really good. Tomorrow (Sat - Nov. 6th) is gonna be hard. We have breakfast then class from 8-12. Ugh so hard.

I've been having some trouble with reading Chad's letters and Kenna finally told me that he is already starting to right Spanish for some words. For example: When he means is - he puts es. For in he puts en. OH! Good to know. I'm sure that as time goes on, that will happen more and more.

It's so nice to see some pictures of him. Man --Chad looks like a MISSIONARY !! HA! I'm still not used to not seeing facial hair. But - he looks good. WHEW! Can't express how good that feels.

I really miss him today. It's been a quiet, sad day and it's made me really miss him. I would go days with hardly seeing him, but he would ALWAYS come in at the end of the day and kiss me goodnight (no matter what time of night it was....). I really miss that !! And, I really miss the quick text message that he'd send. I did inherit his brand new Touch I-Pod and I am loving that. I have several of his songs on it (No Blink 182 -- ha) and I love to listen to those songs and remember him. --Mom


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