Wednesday, April 20, 2011

E-mail #19: Chad's been transferred....... Merida City

Wow! What a crazy week! Where do I start?! So last Wednesday we had interviews with President at our house. They didn´t go so well. So I guess we cant go past three blocks of the beach. No “Don´t touch the sand”. He saw the pic -- I think from my blogspot. Anyway he asked if we went and I said yes. He was upset. But he was so pissed at Ortiz. Because he is the senior and my trainer. He told us the he was going to close Puerto Morelos. Because of us and because our members don´t help us at all. So we both got transferred. Im in Mèrida, Yucatan. In the city. My ward is called Modero. Im like 10 min in a bus from the Temple. Our house is big! But dirty!!! So all day I spent cleaning it!!! Gross! I dont know why missionaries have to be so dirty! They must not have had a good Mama! My companion is Elder Casteñeda. He is from Puebla, Mexico (Mexico City) He has 4 and half months! Wow! I think if I didnt get into trouble I would have become the Senior companion somewhere. Anyway its ok. Learning experience. He knows English but he wont speak it. Thank goodness!!! He is a nerd! And the District leader. But he is a good guy. I need to be patient with him. Haha! From what I hear, its really cool here. The members are really good to the missionaries. Im excited for a change. Excited to learn spanish better. Last night we went to our District meeting. Elder Hearne (Alabama) He is in a different zone. He was so shocked at how much weight I've lost! Sweet! ITS SO HOT! Its hotter here because the beach isnt right here. Im going to loose so much weight! So Im excited!

So this morning we went to the Temple! It was so nice to get to go. We went with like 20 missionaries! Its really beautiful! Very small! It was all in spanish!!! I understood alot because I have been there lots and been in lots of english sessions. It was really cool! I hope I get to go again. Most missionaries get to go 4-6 times in the 2 years! Not very often! It was nice! It was so cold in there! The coldest Ive been since Utah!

Yea people steal whatever they like in the packages! In like August im gonna need new clothes and garments. But thats later down the road! Im so excited for a package. 2 months!!! Haha Thanks for the Book or Mormon. I dont think they make them in spanish.

So my 6 months! Wow the days are so freaken long! But the months are so fast! So we went on the roof and burned a crappy tie. It was fun. I was remembering when we had the missionaries over. Wow! Im doing it! Crazy! Soon Ill be burning a shirt.

Kenna is such a nerd! Haha I used to make fun of those kind of kids! Hehe! But thats great for her. It will be good for college.

I really miss Prez Jimmy! If you see him tell him I want an email! I love him!

Im the same Chad in my heart. The spanish makes me all different but as I learn slang and the laguage Im becoming more like me. Im still the same goof ball tho!

Im so glad Binny is doing better! That makes me feel good! I keep praying for her and you guys.

Tell Nana I said hi! I miss them and thank them for everything! Show lots of pics!

So mama Im good. Little bit in the whole starting over mood. Little nervous but Im really excited to be here and to work in a new place. I miss ya tons Mom! 20 days until we talk! Wow thats so soon! Im excited!!! Well I gotta go! But I love ya thank you for all you do! Tell Dad I said hey and I love him lots! Tell Binny to be happy! I love her! Thanks for the address of Tom! Just one B of M is good! LOVE YOU GUYS! Love, Mo

President and I at the temple

Merida Temple

What the freak????

This iguana foot was found in the freezer of his new house.

6 month tradition

Hope it's not one of his good ones.

Elder Casteneda

You can see the evidence of Chad cleaning in the background.

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