Monday, April 25, 2011

E-mail #20: So we have 2 iguanas that live in our yard. Were going to catch them and eat them

Hey Mama!

Haha yea my first getting into trouble. I found out after we went to the beach that it is like 3 or 4 streets. So now I know. My companion only writes for 1 hour no more. We did alot of things wrong in Puerto Morlos. Its all good now.

So this week went by fast. We dont have too many investigators but we are working hard to find new people. But... this week was Easter. In Mexico they call it Semaña Santa. For the whole week people dont work. Nobody is in their homes. Everyone goes to see other family or most go to the beach. Its like 45 min away. So contacting is almost impossible and teaching is so hard cause nobody is home. The members here are super cool. Theres ALOT of cute girls too! In Puerto Morelos it was like a hick town. Here is like California! In the mission they call them Piñas. Haha its funny. Dont worry I'll be good :) I miss Puerto so much!!! We had 2 people that were supposed to be baptized --hopefully the other missionaries will baptize them. I miss my members and my old house!!! It was hard but this is my new home. Elder Castañeda has 4 months here. He will probably leave this next change and hopefully Ill be the Senior Companion. Im ready. This week I tried to take charge.

So we have 2 iguanas that live in our yard. Were going to catch them and eat them probably this week. One hermona in the ward knows how to cook it. Im excited I heard it taste like chicken :) Well see.

The temple was so much fun!!! My suit is huge! Ill buy one here for like 90 bucks. In like 10 months. Hopefully I can find a sister here and she can fix them :) and all the rest of my clothes!

Dont worry about Kenna. I write her every week about life. Were getting so much stronger. Its all good mama! I just wish I was there to kicks some little kids $/%!&$"! Haha

Good luck on your bread. Haha

So not much is new, but this house has a washing machine!!!!! We washed all our cloths in 2 hours! So so so SWEET!!! My companion is a GUBBER!!!! No I dont like Geeks mom! Haha He is such a nerd but were good. We havent argued about anything yet. Haha He trims his nails and keeps them and doesnt wear flip flops in the shower! Gross!!! He is a good guy. So hopefully next week ill have some good stories :)

I love ya Mama! I miss ya! Sorry nobody cleans the house! Ill tell kenna too! Tell Binny I said Hi!!! Tell the Old Man Hey and I love him.

Love ya all!!! Love, MO

Washing machine at our house !!

Sweet !!!

Our poor lonely missionary - noone to teach

Easter weekend - everyone gone playing

Chad's new workout equipment

Gotta love Mexico !!

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