Monday, May 2, 2011

E-Mail #21: I almost started to cry cause I remembered my Binny!

Hey Mama!

Haha Yea Osama died! Its all in the newspapers. The newspapers here are very blunt. I saw his pic. Thats good.

No, I think the iguana left. But we have a small one. Hopefully he will come outside, they live in the block wall. Hopfully we can eat em! Haha Im excited to try it :) Today we are going to the same people that eat iguana and make real horchata! Im so excited! I LOVE Horchata!!! Ill send you the recipe so you can make it. This family is so cool. The Mom has been a member for like 20 years. But the Dad never accepted the gospel. They have kids and one served a mission. Five weeks ago my companion baptized him. It took him 20 years to accept it. He reminds me alot like Tom! I love this family. They're great! Ill send pics next week! This is the family where I will call you. YES I WILL CALL YOU NEXT SUNDAY NIGHT AT 8 MY TIME. SO YOU NEED TO FIND OUT THE TIME DIFFERNCE, I THINK IM AN HOUR AHEAD. EIGHT OCLOCK MERIDA MEXICO TIME :) Ill only have 40 mins...not an hour :(

Its too hot to heat up water for a shower. I LOVE the cold water! This week it was 42 degrees celsius. Which is 107!!! With like 50% humity!!!! Ugh It was so hot!!! I guess here the hot months are April and May. Idk. its hot all the time! The washing machine is so sweet! We get everything done before two. Then we go eat and then I take a two hour nap :D Its sweet!

WOW!!! School is almost out! Kenna is almost a junior! EHHH! Haha How exciting! Summer!! :) How is my room? Is all your Scrap Crap in there? Haha Im sure you will have fun this summer with that!


Thats crap that Monson gets to Skype!!! Haha I wish!

Im so excited for a package!!!! I should get it a lil faster because the offices are only like 15 min away.

So this week was very intersting. I had Diaria for like 12 days in a row. I had to call the head Doctor in Mexico. I took a lot a pepto. Haha butt im better now (TAKE THAT PART OUT FOR THE BLOG) LOL

We got a call from Sis Salinas and she said we had a referal. So we went to Centro where the Temple is to meet this lady. Well she is a little crazy. She knows ALOT about religion and well she wants to find the truth. So we taught her. It went good. We taught the restoration. She had a BOM. She said she wouldnt go to church or be baptized. So yesterday we had another meeting with her. She said she didnt pray about Jose Smith and the BOM. She said that prayers are meant to be like 1 to 3 hours EVERYDAY! I was like no! This lady is crazy! Well we taught about prayer and tried to find her nececity. I bore my testimony because nothiing was working with her. I told her that I was happy that I have this gospel. I showed her our family pic and told her I was happy cause I have you guys. It was just about happiness. I didnt talk for like 30 sec and then she started to cry and she left the room for like 3 min. I know she felt the spirit! She is just really stubborn. Im hopeing that she prayed and tommorrow we can teach her more! AND... Were going to the distrabution center tommorrow :) Sweet!!!!

Another story. My comp has some old investigators. Well....their drunks or barrochos haha So we went went back to teach them. Well they were drunk but we kinda shared a message with them. One of them is from LA. He speaks English. I talked with him while my companion talked to the others. Ugh! So hard. These guys have nothing! Just each other and a 2 dollar bottle of tequilla. We want to help them so much but they wont stop drinking :( Its sad. One day we went by and I took their bottle of Tequilla. One of them tried to throw a huge rock at me. That was fun, Then another day I almost got hit with a 2 by 4! Haha Good times with the drunk people!


So nobody here knows how to say my name. They say it like Maiberri. Its funny so alot of people call me Elder Blackberry. Its easier. Im also learning how to speak Mayan. Here in the Penninsula. Lots of people speak it.

So we are supposed to have a baptism on wednessday but we think that guy is gonna bail on us :( This guy has had like 15 years listening to the missionaries but never will be baptized. UGH!!! So frustrating!

So in the ward there is a young man. Like 25 years old. He is handicapped. He is so cool. He reminds me of binny because in sacrement meeting, he sings lound and terrible! Haha I almost started to cry cause I remembered my binny! :( He has been a member for a year. His Dad left him and his Mom isnt a member and works alot. He has a job at a Tortilla shop. He needs medication. I guess he isnt allowed to bear his testimony or pray cause sometimes he doesnt say good things. But the members are pretty good to him. My comp told me that he gets beat up my gangs every now and then. Thats not good cause ill get sent home for standing up for him. haha He is a good guy. I cut his hair for him the other day. It was fun. My comp finally let me cut his too. :) Sweet! Im becoming a professional!

Well not much more to say! I love ya so much! Cant wait to talk to ya! Tell Binny I love her and miss her soooo much! Tell Dad cant wait to talk to him! Love ya Momma! 6 DAYS!!!!

Mission home

New house in Merida

Miguel (a preacher and a cop)
let the guys eat some of his Mangos and talked for a bit

Enrique (the handicapped man)

Before the haircut



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