Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Phonecall

A note from Mom

What a wonderful gift for Mother's Day !!! I got to hear my boy's voice. Sweet music to my ears. He sounded so good. Oh, my heart............ ouch! But - how proud I am.

He says that he has finally (after 7 months) realized that his life is different now. He is doing better now that he understands -- he wakes up at 6:30, shaves every day (UGH), studies for a couple hours, then goes out and SWEATS....... He walks a ton and prays ALWAYS. (Literally about 30 times a day... Chad's words.)

But - he gave one of "his drunks" (see last weeks blog) a blessing yesterday and his companion said that his Spanish was ALMOST perfect. He only said one word in English. Speaking Spanish with his new companion has helped him so much. He said that his Spanish has improved more the last 3 weeks then the whole other months combined.

We asked him about the Fast Food. He said that he doesn't like to eat there because it costs 100 pesos. Burger King -- OUCH! (And to put that in perspective -- he has 150 pesos for his whole week of groceries.) Man - does that sound like Chad????? He has changed a bit.

He called from a member's home. He loves this family. The woman has been a member for a long time -- even sent their son on a mission. He took the discussions for 20 years and he finally had his son baptize him just recently. He says that he reminds him of Tom. : o )

Well - it's only another 7 months before we will get to do this again. But - the next time we talk to him -- he will only have TEN MONTHS TO GO!!!! (Not that we're counting.....) Love that boy!

So nice to hear his voice.....

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