Monday, May 16, 2011

E-mail #23: So I really am so blessed right now! We have lots of people to teach.

Whats up Mama!

Wow yea another week down! So sounds like Utah was fun! Well for what you can get out of Utah and a funeral. Haha I hope you showed everyone pics of the stud muffin. Poor lenna. :( She is a tough girl. I miss her so much.

What the freak! All this talk about La Grand Orange and Carambas! You have no idea how bad I want good pizza and real food. The food here is really good but not normal. I want normal good food. Hermano Mar...the best family ever. The make Tamales. There the best I have ever had! No joke! There soooo good. When you meet them, you will get to try them :) I want to go to Hawaii! What the heck! Ahh... the life to be old and have money! Haha

So you got an Ipad but its not an ipad? Teach me more. I dont know whats going on in the real world of electronics! Haha

So this week was a little crazy! We had a Zone conference! I finally met Elder Haws in person! He is cool. He talks like a greengo but he has like 14 months! Wow! The time is flying! The zone conference was really good! I learned ALOT about LOVE for people and about consecration. It was cool.

On friday Elder Serrano came to my area to work. We worked so hard! We had 5 lessons and set 6 baptismal dates!!! Yea we worked it! But his knees are REALLY bad. I think he is going home :(( Being with the Disrict leader is fun. We get to do things that normal elders dont. We had to go to other areas to help do stuff and divisions. Its cool. For like half of saturday I was with Elder Beck. He is from Utah...figures. He is really cool but he works just for numbers he has like 15 baptizms in like 4 months! Crazy!!

Sometimes the mission reminds me of football. Everybody trying to be the best to be a leader. It drives me crazy! Its all this politics crap! But I just have to remember why Im here and to LOVE everyone :)

So I really am so blessed right now! We have lots of people to teach. My companion and I are really good!!! He is a nerd but I love him! I am so blessed to have a good companion. Other companionships are not doing so good.

OOO.... the Italy trip for Kenna sounds like sooooo much fun! She should do it! and 350 hours to work is nothing!!!

Anyway this week went by fast! I love ya Mama! School is almost out! Yea! So exciting! I love ya mama and miss ya! BYE :)

Love MO

Elder Haws from California

Bananas - the best I've ever had
from Hna Mar's tree

Pig's Head --

Elders Serrano, Castaneda, and Beck

Giving George a haircut

One of Chad's "drunks"


A letter from 'Lena:

Hey Chad --

I'm doing good. I went to Utah for Uncle Bob's funeral. It was cold!! There were lots of kids. Little kids. It was a long trip back. I was really sick. I went to the doctor. He said I had an infection. He gave me some medicine. I missed 4 days of the program. But I get to go back tomorrow.

It was good to talk to you on Mother's Day. You sounded funny.

I miss you. I would like for you to come home now. (That is her words -- not mine !!!!)

How is Mexico?

Love, Aleena

His letter back:

Hey Binny!

Thanks for the letter! Im sorry you got sick. But you are a strong yound women! I hope you feel better! Im sory Binny but I cant come home yet. Dont worry Ill be home soon. It will go by fast. Then we can go out and gets some ice cream :D

I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!


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