Monday, May 30, 2011

E-mail #25: Holy COW !!! 47 lbs and counting.....

A Note from Mom:
Here's just part of the letter that I sent Chad today........

So - I'm not sure what to say about you coming home early. Except -- I don't think you should. #1 -- I don't even want you thinking about school and coming home right now. You have alot to do. Again -- I've said this - many others have said it. You only have this small amount of time to do this -- then you have the rest of your life to think about HOW you did it. You don't come home early. You finish it -- all of it. (MY OPINION.......) #2 -- well, there really is no #2. That's it period. Please don't think about it right now. Dad said that he was going to write you a letter. So - you have that to look forward to ....... : o )


Wow! felizidades! Schools out! That sounds great! Haha I wish!

Elder Ortiz is in Cancùn. I got a email from him like 3 weeks ago. He is doing good. He only has 3 transfers left.

Elder Castañeda and I are still here together. This is going to be his 5 transfer here in his first area! Crazy! After this transfer he will have 7 1/2 months! Were good though!

So speaking of weight! I got on the scale today. It said 238 pounds!!!When I came into the MTC I weighed almost 285! YEA!!! Freaken sweet!!! But here in Merida the people feed us sooooo freaken much! Its ridiculous! But I dont eat much in the morning or in the night. LOTS OF WATER!

So yesterday we had 4 people come to church!!! It was so sweet!!! People have to come to church at least 3 times before their baptism. One lady is like 50 ish. Sonia. She likes the bible but doesnt like church. She finally came. Im really excited to see her progress. Then we have Sandro. He is the boyfriend of one of the girls in the ward. His Mom is the head police lady for all of Yucantan and his dad is a plastic surgeon. He's LOADED!!!! He just wont commit to a baptismal date! Tommorrow were going to put one! Yesterday Gospel Priniples was on Baptism. It was perfect for him!!! Then we have a family Jorge he's police his wife Yudy and their son Christian. Christaian is best friends with one of the guys in the ward. Yudy and Christian came to church!!! It was so exciting! Jorge had to work. In one of our lessons he said that he just wants peace in his life. because he is police and sometimes does bad stuff. We gave him a BOM. The 3 paragraph in the intro says that this book is peace. He was very happy and said "This is what I need!" He was very thankful to me! I was super happy! I think Castañeda and I are meant to be here for another change to baptise these people! :D We have 8 baptism planned for the month of June!

So the drunks day they werent drinking so we taught them about baptism and how they could be clean. So we decided to give them blessings to overcome there adiction. It was sweet! The spirit was strong but then we came back the next day and they were really drunk!!!!! So were done with them for a while. Just pass by to say hi! :(((((

Why isnt dad going with you guys? that sounds like so much fun! He probably has to work! But its easy! Just the first part is hard and then when your coming back up! Super hard! Take lots of pics!

Okay so thamks for the support mama! Haha I dont know Im just excited to start my real life back home. I dont want to feel behind or anything. I know I know. I only have 2 years to do this.

So I HAD IGUANA!!!!!!!!!!!! So ya know how we have an iguana. well we caught it. But we only got its tail. He got away :( So we went to Hno. Mar to show him pics and he was like well -- wanna eat iguana? Were like yea!!! So we went outside and got one. It was sweet! Haha We skinned it and ate it in salsa verde. It was good. alot like chicken. Not alot of meat but it was good! Definately an experince! Haha

Im good and happy and were workin :) Not much more to say but I love ya Mama! Tell the old man I want a letter! :) Tell binny I said hey and to be happy! :) I LOVE ya guys :)

Love MO

Castaneda's 6 month tie burning

Got a little "out of control"

Salt & Pepper !! SO GOOD!!

Never in my mission have I had Salt & Pepper

Catching the Iguana at Hmo Mars

Skinnin' it.......

Grillin' it .......

Que bueno !!!

So good.

Me being King Benjamin

Elders Pineda, Abraca, Beck, Simester, & Castaneda

Cute twin girls "doing my hair"

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