Monday, June 6, 2011

E-mail #26: Wow! I think I actually have a testimony about fasting now.

Hey Mom!

We get the Liahona which is the Ensign but for spanish and for all the greengos it comes in english. :) Its free every month :D I really love getting it. Its like my NFL or my TV. How depressing is my life???? Haha

HA! Naptime? Mom -Im a missionary. NO! Haha but ya people here eat at like 1 or 2 and then sleep for a little bit. But no. We eat at 2 and at 3 were back to work. The most miserable part of the day!

So this week started super good! We found a new family of 4. Found another 2 new people. All of them had dates to be baptised for the 22 of June. It was sweet! We worked with Elder Irene on Tuesday. He is my Zone Leader. He is from Wyoming. He only has like 2 months left. He is great! I learned alot from him! We visited with Sandro (Rich Boy). we explained about fasting and how he should fast this Sunday to see if he really needs to be baptized. Then he would get a answer. So we were SUPER excited. Also the Familia Para Esparza. (The Dad is police) The whole family would be able to go to church.

So Saturday after lunch we started our fast. Well you know me -- I HATE FASTING! Especially here because its so hardcore! 24 freaken hours! So we said a prayer to start-- for our investigators and us :) Saturday night Yudy Para Esparza came to a baptism that some other missionaries were having. She got to see how it is and felt the spirt! Sweet!

So Sunday morning we got up a little early to make sure we could be able to pick up all 7 people. First we went to Sonia. This whole week we couldn't teach her cause she wasnt home! :( So she wasnt home :( So! Then to the new family...Family Peraza. NOPE They went to there pueblo where there family lives and didnt come home. Fam! Then to Gustovo the new guy...nope! Then to enrique..nope! UGH! I was so pissed! Our last hope was sandro and Fam Para. So were waiting and waitng at the church. Sandro came :) But he always comes. he is what we call a "Dry member" So only sandro. I was so pissed! I was like forget this fasting crap. I want some water. But I knew that I was fasting for them. I knew I had to stay strong. So later after sacrement I called fam Para. There car broke down but they said they would come to the other ward at 11! Sweet! Then during priesthood some random guy came into the church. He said he had a dream. He saw Jesus and told him to go to THE church and be babtized. He didnt know why or what church. But he got up and came! It was so strange but so different! So we actaully ended up with 5 people in the church!

Wow! I think I actually have a testimony about fasting now. I also finished my book "Our search for happiness" By Elder Ballard (Yea I read a book! Ugh my life as a missionary! Im a nerd!)

"The Lord does bless his missionaries just as surely as they bless the lives of those they teach and baptize. Difficult languages are learned with astonishing speed and skill. Finacially strapped familes back home find unforseen means to support their missionaries. WEAKNESS BECOME STRENGTHS,CHALLENGES BECOME OPPORTUNITIES, TRIALS BECOME TRIUMPHS, AND ADVERSITY BECOMES AN ADVENTURE IN THE SERVICE OF THE LORD"

Wow! I read this Sunday night. When I was thinking about all my blessings. Earlier in the week I was thinking about crappy stuff. Like wow Im so tired of doing this EVERYDAY! Talking about Jesus, shaving, wearing a tie, being with some nerd 24/7. But then I read this and it boosted me up :)

So this week was hard! But worth it! I have my bad days and my good days! I love the mission and I accept the bad and especially the good ones :) I love ya so much Mama! I miss ya tons! Hope your having fun with doing nothing! Haha! :) Enjoy this time because school will be here sooner than we think :) Tell Aleena thank you for her card Tell her I LOVE HER :) and to be HAPPY!

Tell Dad I love him and want a card! :)

O I got a card from Grandma Hammond. She gave me 10 bucks! :) IN AMERICAN money $$$$SWEET! Call her and tell her thanks and I will write her next week. I also got one from Tyler and Grandma Virginia.

Love, MO

Really cool mural

Making tortillas ....

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