Wednesday, June 22, 2011

E-mail #28:Im in a tough mood right now!

Hey Mama!

So first, I cant hug girls. Its a sin in the mission! Haha! and two, I dont know your twins name. Haha!

Yes! Cant wait for my package! :))) I dont love to read but its nice in my hammack at night. Haha!

I dont know what your little electronic device thing you have is??? Haha I havent seen anything like this in 8 months! I hear that the new ipod has a camera! What!? Sweet! 15 more months!!! :))) Haha Theres a CARS 2!? 15 months! Here I come! Haha!

So my week was very interesting! and crappy! So tuesday we had the babtismal interview for Yury. Everything went perfect but the she said "I think I was babtized when I was a little girl in Centro in the big church" What!? You got to be freaken kidding me! So the secretary called church headquarters and they found her records. Yury has been a member for over 30 years! So...nope no babtizm. :((( But que bueno that we re activated a member :) and were going to babtize her husband on July 1 and hopefully her son to. (The kid in the gang) However we have a babtizim on Wednesday for Sonia. Well okay so her story is... She had a husband but he died 10 years ago. So she gets money from the state every month. But she has a "Husband". He has his house and she has hers. The only bad part is well about once a month well ya hmmmm. LOL! So she doesnt want to marry him cause she wants her money from the state! So I dont think we will babtize her this week. :((( We have a investigator that works all week! We can never find him. But we taught him once and he has a date to be batized on 28 of June :) We were sure that he wouldnt come to church but Sunday morning...there he was! This guy is awesome! His name is Miguel! I love em! The kid in the gang! UGH!! His best friend is Mormon and HE is in the gang too! AND...There is 3 other guys in our ward that are in the other gang! So my investigator doesnt want to go to church because of gang rivalry!!! You got to me kiddin! This is seriously really hard!

So I have a question for you and Dad. Why was our relationship so good? There are kids in the ward that treat there parents like crap and the parents arent strong enough to stand up for themselves and set rules and keep them! I dont get it -why was our relationship so good? I mean granted I wasnt home alot and yea we had our moments but nothing huge! I really need your help with this one!

This week we had a zone conferance! It was good! I learned so much about Faith and prayer. I need to pray better. CastaƱeda and I need to have more faith when we knock on doors and with our investigators :) But my week was alright. Im in a tough mood right now! Here in the mission if your not a robot nerd missionary who follows every rule with exactness. Your a bad missionary and wont progress. I hate the politics here in the mission. I hate that its always do this and that and if I want advice or someone to talk to...there answer is "Well elder you need to be more obiedent and diligent and have more love for the people" Its like crap coming out of their mouths. Bla Bla Bla! I want someone to talk to ME Elder CHAD Mayberry. Its hard. I need your help mom. Cause I love ya! I would really like a letter from President Jimmy too. Could you please call him and maybe he can email me a letter. I need someone who is spirtual but talks to ME. But its the mission. Gotta be happy :)

I took out some money today 25 bucks. I bought a memory stick for pics and stuff. Its like my comp for the mission :)

I love ya lots mom! Have fun at camp :) Tell Dad I love him when you get home. And I missed him lots yesterday :( Tell Binny I love her and Im jealous she gets to go to Cars 2

Love, MO

Oh Man !!!

So Skinny !

Brian (Hermano Mar's Son)

We're gettings lots of rain.

No - I'm not driving
Just pretending in Hmo Mar's truck

This is so crazy !!
Gift we made for our favorite Father's in church
(Looks just like all the things Mom makes that I make fun of her for.)

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