Monday, June 13, 2011

E-mail #27: The mission is a roller coaster. Up and down.

We usually use the ATMs at the gas station. Ill make sure to use the banks.

Girls camp should be fun. There is a sister in our ward who is just like you! She looks alot like you and her house is alot like ours! Haha she is the Stake Young Womens Prez! She is super nice!

Wow! Its already that time for Mike and Dan! Wow! I hope they do good! They will be in the MTC together! Que Padre! I miss my friends in the MTC!

So this week we found an old investigator. She is going to be babtized on wednesday :) Hopefully I get to because its been since December for me :/ Im super excited. Her son is the leader of a gang here in Merida. Its called "BOF" Brothers of Family. So very interesting. If he wants to be babtized he has to leave the gang but if he wants to leave the gang he has to get beat up by 5 guys for 5 mins. Its tough but I hope he chooses the right decision. This week was crappy other than that. We didnt set any dates to be babtized or found anyone new :( Were gonna work hard this week though!

Today is 8 MONTHS! Wow this time around it doesnt seem fast! Haha The mission is a roller coaster. Up and down. Down and Up. Good and bad days! But im here lovin it! My spanish is eh... Im at a point where I can get by. But I dont just want to get by. I want to speak it good. Its my goal this week to study hard!!!!

I dont know if this sunday is fathers day but im gonna write dad a letter.

I love ya lots mom! I miss ya so much! Sorry I only have 1 pic. This week we will take more. Love ya!!!

Love, Mo

An old Mayan home

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