Monday, June 27, 2011

E-mail #29:Im happy! Just a good attitude and everything can change!

Whats up Mama

Another week in Paradise! Haha! I used to be freaken fat! Everbody says Im looking good! Haha!

Im gonna need new clothes in a few months! There getting ugly. I guess there is a JC Penny´s in a mall that is kinda far. I dont know. Im gonna talk to some people and find out if I can buy it here. That would be way easier. But Idk because here in Mexico there isnt clothes for big people! Jaja! Ill find out tho! :)

Of course the fathers day gifts were my idea! I made the paper and bought the chocolate. (Which chocolate here is freaken expenive) Haha and yea I just put Elder Castañeda because were one. Haha The people liked it but fathers day here is like...ehhh not really important! Okay Haha I realy missed Dad. I would have liked to talk to him! :(


So Idk, we were always good. I always loved both of you guys. I respected both of you and you guys respected me. Well...and I was always afraid Dad would kick my butt! Haha and I liked having money. So, I worked and knew how too suck up to you guys :)

The problem with my investigators is...they werent firm with there kid when he was young. They have a 6 year old too. Im gonna tell them they need to be careful and stick to there guns with him. Theres not much we can do anymore with them. Jorge is going to be batized on Friday. Im so excited! This is going to be my best one yet! I truly love this family! :)

As far as the mission goes. I dont care! I learned alot yesterday about this! Im here for ME and also the lord! The other freaken robots here in my mission can take a hike! As long as I work! Im happy! President Salinas.. I respect him as my president and truly love him because he is like my Dad for the next 14 months! I accept it.

Elder Castañeda has a friend that is serving in Chile. They went to school together. That kids Dad is here in Merida for a baseball tournment. So he came to church with us and he took us out to dinner last night. We went to a buffet! It was sooooo good! It was like I was in the States again! Really expenive but he is from Mexico city so he has lots of money!!! He brought lots of pics of his son in chile! His mission is soooo different! They can go to the beach to take pics, they dont have to wear church clothes on PDay! Way more relaxed and FUN! Castañeda and I were so pissed! But by the end of the night we learned that we are here! For 2 years with this president and in THIS mission! Mission Mexico Merdia! It could be wayyyyy worse....Utah! Haha But I learned alot. I dont have to be a robot. I just need to be me! Its hard especially in spanish but idk we realized we need to enjoy the mission. Not only work work work for the numbers.

This week was good! Im happy! Just a good attitude and everything can change! Tranfers are in 2 weeks! Elder Castañeda is going to a new area in 2 weeks. Prez told him. He is super excited to leave becasue he has been here for 7 months! Haha! Well see what happens!

Thank you mama for your letter! I really enjoyed it! :) I love ya so much! Miss ya tons :) Tell dad I said thank you for my letter. I didnt cry this time Haha!

FREAK! Haji rolled his car! He is okay! I got a letter from him finally! Way scary but its all good! I miss him :(

Well gotta go!

Love, MO

Ancient pyramid

KFC -- yum !!

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