Monday, July 4, 2011

E-Mail #30: This is truly why Im here. "To give people happiness"

Hey Mama!

BAPTISM!!!! Yea! We baptised Jorge on Friday. I baptised him! It is so nice to have a baptism. Its like a re-boost in the mission. It was seriously the most beautiful baptism that I have had in the mission. :) We made a wonderful program, the wife said the opening prayer. The talks were super good and Elder Castañeda played the guitar and a hermana sang Nearer my God to thee. I think I dont know the hymn ... only in spanish! Haha! But yea it was sweet!!! It was so awesome! After, when we were changing in the bathroom I asked how he felt. He told me with a soft and calm voice. "I feel so peacful" :) It was one of my favorite moments in the mission :D This is truly why Im here. "To give people happiness" UGH! So sweet! Then Sunday Elder Castañeda confirmed him.

But besides that the week was crappy! We didnt really do much cause it rained ALL week. You would think people are nicer when it rains and when ya knock doors people would let you in....NOT! The people dont come outside when it rains, not even to open the doors! UGH! So that was crappy! O AND we didnt have electrcity all week long! The secretaries didnt pay the bill! UGH! But the baptism was good :D Haha

I got a letter from Prez. Jimmy. It was soooo good! :) I miss him alot! I also got a letter from Haji and Lisa Geiser. I love her! She is the best! It was really nice to here from haji! I miss my friends! :( But the time is flying!!!! 9 days and I will have 9 months!!! The elders here say that the first year is slow then the 2nd is sooo fast! Well its all going soooo fast! Wow!!!! When does Monson come home? I read his letters almost every week. he doesnt even seem like he is coming home soon! Que bueno! :)

Thats so sweet! The missionaries are workin hard in our ward! One thing we have the members do if they live by an investigator is pass by on there own time and just say hi! Your doin good mama! :) Have they asked you to go with them?

Well mama Im doing good! Im happy and transfers are next week! Who knows what will happen! Castañeda and I are really good! But he really wants to leave. I was supposed to have an interview with President today cause he wants to talk but he bailed out an hour and half before it. Its okay. I email him every week. :) Anyways gotta go to the post office to mail some letters! Love ya! Tell Dad I love em and dont eat to much cause when I get back Ill be skinnier than him! Haha! Love ya! I LOVE THE MISSION!

Love , MO

I toatally forgot! Two weeks ago we got to listen to Elder Tenorio of the 70. He came to talk to us! It was good!

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