Monday, July 25, 2011

E-mail #33: "Dont worry;Be happy"....right???? Im trying.


A note from Mom:

We just finished our week in Carlsbad California. We missed Chad so much!! But, we took this family picture of us on the beach........ all in Chad's boardshorts. HA! When I went to go get them to pack I realized that Chad has 27, yes twenty-seven, pairs of boardshorts. It would have been great to have brought every pair and have a huge group of strangers on the beach with us, all in his shorts. But ..... This was pretty good. Here we are with Chad's cousin Brittany and her friend Melinna.


Whats up Mama!

Sounds like you guys had fun even without me! The pics looked great! I loved the pic of MY boardshorts! Which I want YOU to send me some!!! Jaja! Dad looks skinny! Nicole looks super old!!! Jaja! You look good Mom. You look happy! :) Did you guys see any good sunsets! I was hoping for a pic but...nada! The pic with Cessey didnt come out. Please send it again.

I print my own pics here. Its like 1 peso each pic. Its cheap. No worries! :)

This week we worked super hard once again! We found a new family saturday night. It was like 8:30 and we were kncoking doors. We found this family of 5! Sweet!!! The Dad told us that he felt like he was missing something in his life. They accepted a babtismal date and told us they would come to church the next day! It was sweet! But....they didnt come to church! We had 0 people in the church once again! I dont know whats going on! Were working hard and doing activites to remind them for church but...nada! Were just trying to trust in the Lord :)

UGH!!! My companion! He is such a stiff robot missionary! He does everything correct!!! Monday night we usually go to the Familia Aviles for a family home evening. There awesome! We go there becuase its PDay and its usually like 8 :30. So after the district meeting we went to there house. But there wasnt a non-member there. So my companion said o well were just stopping by to say hi and then were going to go knock doors!!! The hermana was like o sit down we ordered pizza and were just about to start! He was like o thank you but no. were going to go knock doors! They were so upset, but since there was no investigator we couldnt stay.! I was so pissed! We knocked 3 doors and then walked home. which was 20 min away. We could have ate food, asked for a referral and showed our love for them, but no! UGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so hard!!! He dosnt like to go to talk with members! I dont get it, how does he expect to recieve referals from them when he dosnt even want to go to there houses!

So trying my best to be happy and to love my time with him here! (Hopefully I get transfered in 4 weeks!) This week was hard. Its hard to be happy with a crappy companion. He talks alot in the lessons. So its hard for me to put my effort to teach. "Dont worry;Be happy"....right???? Im trying.

Well I miss ya mamma! I thought about ya guys lots this week! Tell Dad I love him and want a letter soon. So tell him he needs to start thinking about it! Haha! Tell binny I said I miss her! Lots! and To Be HappY! Well Miss ya moma! Love ya!

Love, Mo

Ps Just call Mikes mom to get his address. I really need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry there isnt to many pics, no time for fun. Were robot missionaries Haha UGH!!!!!!!!!! Be happy!!!!!! :) Love ya mama

Here we are on Moto Taxi's.

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