Monday, July 18, 2011

E-mail #32: Im good! Little home sick...or Cali sick.


A note from Mom:

Well, we are here in sunny California soaking up the Cali sunshine. It is absolutely gorgeous, but we are missing our Chad SO much!!! Chad IS California, and it seems so strange to be here without him. We have been coming to Carlsbad for 17 years. Chad, with his amazing personality, met people everywhere we went here, and they all ask us where he is or how he is. We brought a handful of pictures to show people, and they certainly do a lot of laughing and pointing..... They miss him too. The beginning of our vacation was full because Chad's cousin, Kandus, got married in San Diego to Shaka Johnson. They had a beautiful wedding right on the bay with the water behind them. It was so beautiful !! This is the first week that Chad has not sent ANY pictures. (What a good boy !) So - I am feeling deprived. Love that boy !!!

Whats up Mama?

Cali! Ugh!!! I wish! But yes, Im here in Paradise! Haha Sounds like the wedding was awesome! I wanna do that :) The condo looks beautiful!!! I cant wait to go! I got a letter from Grandma last week. She was worried about where she would sleep in Cali! Haha.

My new companion is such a ROBOT!!! He is so freaken stiff! Ugh! We dont talk much like Elder CastaƱeda and I used to. He only has 3 months left, so he wants to work super hard. I dont have a problem with that, but its ALL about baptisms for him. He doesnt bond with the investigators. Just Book of Mormon! Baptism! Pray! So, I dont know, Im trying to have a good attitude and be happy! :) We worked super hard last week! We found 12 new people with dates to be babtized but nobody came to church! :(

I dont have any new pics this week,because I dont get to mess around with this new guy! Ill try to take pics this week :)


Other than that Im good! Little home sick...or Cali sick. Haha but Im okay! Ive been reading "The continuous Atonement" Its really good! I like it alot! Not much more to work work!

I love ya lots Mama! I miss you so much!!! Tell Binny to go swim in the water! Tell Dad to dunk her once for me and tell him that I love and miss him lots!!!


Love, Mo

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