Monday, July 11, 2011

E-mail #31: I love it when it rains!!! It gets nice and cool!

Whats up mama!

Elder Castañeda left. I have a new companion. His name is Elder Guerro. He is from Hidalgo, México. He has 21 months in the mission and probably will finish his mission here. He is cool. I have heard stories that he is kinda a robot but its all good. Im excited to work with him. Hopefully we will have lots of success here and have lots of fun! I miss Elder Castañeda a little. Who would have thought after 3 months, were good friends. He is a great missionary!

So this week was good! Well the beginning was good. The end was like ughhhh.....transfers! But we had a descent week. We dont have many investigators right now :( But we have lots of Faith to be able to find people this week :)

On tuesday we got a call from President. He said "Im comming to your house in 2 hours for interviews" We rushed to clean the house a little bit. My interview with him was so good! We actually talked! I told him what my problems were and what I want in my mission. He told me stories and scriptures. The main thing he said was "Just do your best" That made me feel really good! This interview was really good! Im starting to love him more and more. Haha!

In Mérida, it rains alot in June and July! So off and on it rains alot! I love it when it rains!!! It gets nice and cool! Its always hot! Like back home but my body is getting used to the humidity...I sweat ALL day! Haha! But its all good. I need to eat better cause I dont think Im losing any more weight! :( But my new companion likes to work out, so I think were going to start running in the mornings :)

I got my package yesterday :) Thanks for the books, hopefully I will read them! It was so great to hear from the ward! I miss them all! But the only thing missing in my package was my boardshorts :((( Por favor!!! Haha But thanks :) Loved it!


Whats up with Adam Mackey? Is he going on a mission? It was nice to hear from Shelbey. I think he wants to serve a mission! Qué bueno!

Take lots of pics in Cali!!! Im gonna be depressed this week and next week! :( Haha but have fun. eat a burrito and a monster for me :) Well, I have to write Kenna :) Love ya Mom. Dad, have fun in Cali. Eat a bunch!!! Tell Lena Happy late Birthday and I LOVE YOU!!!! Haha Love ya guys!!! :)

Love MO

Ps Yes I got the Pics :)

New companion

Elder Guerro

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