Monday, May 23, 2011

Email #24:Wow! This week was for sho the fastest week ever!

Hey Mama!

Wow! This week was for sho the fastest week ever!

Yea school is almost out!!! Im jelous! I would like a break! Haha Year and a half! Haha

So Elder Haws yea he's short and big. He is super cool! Really relaxed and loving :) He is in the Zone next to our Zone. I never see him. Just for Zone conferences.

Elder Serrano went home :( His knees are bad. He needs a operation and maybe in 2-6 months he can come back. :( It was sad. I spent half of his last day with him. Just chillin in his house. He wasnt allowed to walk. He was a good guy. He just didnt really find his purpose here in the mish yet.

Yea...the leaders. There chafa. But Im here for me and the people :D

What a freaken idiot....those freaken missionaries. You never are supposed to say ANYTHING that is negetive or well yea!!!! WOW!!! I hope the sisters have some luck with them :) (I told him that our sister missionaries tracted upon a family that wouldn't talk to them because some missionaries before had told them that they wouldn't see their father who had died or less they get baptised. UGH!)

Yea I sent Mike a letter a long time ago. Idk I just felt like he needed to hear it. Because honestly this mission thing is HARD! He will do great tho!

Dont do the 40 days thing with the scriptures. Thats ridiculous! I actually just bought a Book of Mormon in English. The kind that missionaries give away for free. Im gonna start over today and read it really hard. Like verse by verse! Use colors for only like.... RED is the ATONMENT! Its gonna be sweet! Lots of misssionries do it but in spanish. Im excited! Take your time to understand it. Its not about the pages its about whats in the pages :D

Im getting tired of the food. Haha Soemtimes we have really good food!!! Other days its blaaaaaa! The food is different here than in Puerto Morelos. I think I like Quintana Roo more. We drink lots of fruit drinks. Like watermelon or Piña or well pretty much take water and blend the friut in it and put sugar. When I come home Ill teach ya! My favorite is Agua de Lìmon. Its just like 6 lemons surgar and water! So goooood! Im writing down recipes so when I come home :) Ill make lots of good stuff!

I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!! YEA!!!! Only bad part was the honey broke and I lost 2/3 of the bottle! :((((( I loved it tho!!!!! The peanut butter and honey was so good!!! The JERKY! :) The socks-- they might be a little thick haha Im gonna wear them today...well see :) The tiny BOM was perfect! Thank you!!! The only thing you could do for next time is a letter!!! Letters from fam and my friends :)
I dont use white socks tho... so I gave half of them to Castañeda Haha

In my next box yes!!! Crystal light! LOTS :) My board shorts!!!! The really colorful ones!!! And some rubber flip flops. I think the red. Idk i have like 10 pairs. Just make sure there rubber. More honey and peanut butter. Another journal. Ask Diana :) Humm.... letters and food and BOARDSHORTS! Maybe some T´s.

So this week was crazy cause my comp is the Disrict when soemthing goes wrong we go to fix it. He is really cool. He invloves me alot with that kind of stuff. Im kinda like the disrict leader too :) Its fun. We went to Caucel. Its a suberb in Mèrida. We went 3 times this week. Once cause E. Serrano left the other because we had a sick Elder and the other because Castañeda had a babtismal interview. Good stuff.

This week we did divisons with Caucel 2. Elder Abarca came to my area. He has 4 months left! Well all of our appointments fell threw on friday. We were walking in the street and I saw a house that I remembered. It was a old referal that we got from our zone leaders. Evertime we went the guy said he didnt have time. This time we went. He wasnt there but his mom and dad were. We asked if we could share a meesage. They said sure. We taught them about Faith, Repentance and Babtizm. The have problems in there marriage and with there older kids...cause they never talk to them. And the Dad is Police. Here if your Police your a bad guy. The accepted a date to be batized. It was really good! But they didnt come to church!!!!!!!! :((( Its so hard to get people to come to church!!! But I know that they know that they need our help!

So I have been thinking. I think I might come home a little early. I want to go to school in August. It will only be like 2 months early. I need to to talk to Aunt Kathy for me. Ask her about school and what classes. I want some opinions. Talk to Dad and tell me what ya think. Then Ill talk to President. I would like to come home to start school on time :)

So this is the last week of this change. Next week Catañeda is prolly leaving. But who knows well see. I hope I become the senior comp :)

Thank you for the package I love ya mama! :) Tell binny I said hi :) How was Dads B DAy? Tell him I love him :)

Love, Mo

Making salsa.....

Elder Serrano's last night

before he went home

YUM -- package from home

Everything made it this time -- except two thirds of the honey.

I'm a missionary now !!!

Except for the Charger shirt .......

What's with the Iguana's ?????

This one's dead. YUCK!


A note from Mom:

I just have a little something to say about that e-mail. OVER MY DEAD BODY !!! I shouldn't say that -- but really. I've given Ken the assignment of writing him a letter to explain how we feel about him coming home a couple of months "early". Right?????


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