Monday, April 18, 2011

No E-mail today !!!

___________________________________________________ A note from Mom: So - no E-mail from Chad today. I'm sure it's because of transfers. Either him or Elder Ortiz. I think that's sad. I think once they are seperated, Chad will really realize what a "good thing" he had. But - I had a nice surprise today. I am VERY behind in checking my e-mail on the Missionary Mom site. When I checked it today I had 190 e-mails. UGH! Gayla Allen from Utah had e-mailed me. Her son is Elder Allen from a couple weeks ago. She shared a bit of Elder Allen's e-mail from that week. I'm so thankful !! She really made my day. Not only did she share the e-mail, but the following pictures....... HA! Priceless !! ___________________________________________________ Allen E-mail: I don't know if Elder Mayberry told you much about staying with the Playa Missionaries again this week, but this is what my son wrote about the experience: "we had training this past week so elder ortiz and elder mayberry slept in our house monday and tuesday night. It was so fun! We had stomachone night and elder mayberry didn´t like it very much. his bowl ended up more full when he finished than when he started." I thought that was so funny and I can't blame him a bit, and I'm sure my son was right along with him cuz he doesn't have a very strong stomach (no pun intended). Here are the pictures (attached) that Kevin sent me just in case you haven't seen them yet. How fun that our boys are getting to know each other. My son really enjoys Elder Mayberry a lot!!!

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