Monday, April 4, 2011

E-mail #17: One of the Sis missionaries said,"Well I dont really know what you said but the spirit spoke and was strong!"

Hey Mama!

Im doing good! Im ready for a new companion but Im good! Im tired of Ortiz. Haha! Four months with someone everyday all day gets boring! I want someone that speaks spanish. Ortiz wont speak spanish. He refuses. He wants to practice english. We got into a fight the other day. He said I have 6 months and dont know everything perfect. I was like for realz! You speak english all day man! I was pissed but whatever! Haha Im happy now! I figured you would find Elder Allen´s mom. Their pretty hardcore Mormon I think. I like him though, he is a good guy. I need to write in my journal more often. Its hard cause Im sooo tired at night when we get home! Its a goal for this week to write in it every night!

Yes, we watched confernce. All 5 sessions in spanish! I didnt understand much cause it was soo fast! Saturday the two sessions were at our church. We watched it on the Internet. Only like 5 people showed up! So we watched it in the Presidents office, He has AC. It was nice. We went to Canc├╣n for Priesthood session. That was cool. Sunday we watched both. We had an investigator come to the first one! Sweet! I cant wait to get the Liahona in May. So I can read the talks.

Im jealous that you went to Sirra Vista. I like going there to relax. Thanks Mom…... Im STARRVING now. You have no idea how bad I want Biancos or La Grande Orange! The pizza here sucks! Haha But the Mexican food is great! LOL I hope you took pictures and showed everyone how I was.

You dont have to put all that money in my account. Its alot. If you guys need it use it. I shouldnt need money for a while. Hopefully! Thats good about Lena. I hope these pills help. I pray everyday for her so much to just be happy in her life.

Our Zone meeting was lots of fun! I learned so much about LOVE! Love the people! And also about the spirit! We do lots of practice situations in these meetings. One of the Sis missionaries said "Well I dont really know what you said but the spirit spoke and was strong!" Ugh that made me feel so good! We dont mess around too much because we have lots to learn. It was fun!

Yes I READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! For the first time in my life I read it rom page 1 to page 1 billion! Haha it took me almost 6 freaken months! Wow I felt so good after I read it. I prayed and asked if it was actually true and after I wanted to feel like that burning in the bosom crap. I didnt feel it. But in the Bible in Galatians it says the spirit is peace, and happiness. I felt so happy that I read it! It was so cool :D!!!!

Thats another reason why I would like to split up from Ortiz…... He is so like only Mormon people! It drives me crazy! During conference Ceasar wanted to take a nap. He kept throwing stuff at him and waking him up. I was like if he doesnt want to he doesnt have too. I guess he is just a little too hardcore for me! Haha!

So there is a Quiksilver store here!!!! Just right outside my area! Its a factory store! I want to go soooooo bad! Maybe I can get discounts! I miss working for Quik! O well Im a missionary now! Haha

Did you try to find out about the Ortiz´s package? His scripture pen? No big deal if you cant.

Transfers are in 2 weeks! Hopefully he goes! And I stay J

Well Mama! Im good and Im happy. We could be having some more luck but if its not there time its not there time. Im working hard and thats what counts. I love ya mama! I miss ya so much! Tell Binny I said hi! And to be happy and I love her. Tell Kenna I said Hi and I love her. Guess she was to busy to write me. Its ok haha

Hey Dad!

Thank you for writing me! I really enjoyed it.

So Dad, I read the Book of Mormon and I was thinking… you should really read it. It was hard and it took me 6 months but I think it would be good for you. I know Im not really in the real world and all. And If I was back home I probably would have not read it. But I think you should. Thanks for doing my taxes. Haha! Sounded like you guys had a nice trip.

So I have 6 months almost! Wow time flies! But on other days it seems like i just got here. Its hard Dad! Being around church stuff ALL day EVERY day. The work is hard! But I know it will be worth it. I know -- 18 months to learn spanish! Eh… kinda scary! O well Ill work hard!

Well Dad I love you so much and I aperciate how hard you work for our family. I love ya and miss ya!

Love, MO

Chad brought to tears

(found this empty Monster in the street.)

Icing his sore knees


Zone conference

(Chad holding Elder Perez)

Homemade bunkbeds

(Elder Allen's apartment in Playa is very small.)

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  1. He looks SO different! Handsome as ever: ) Looks a lot like your husband in the picture with the empty monster can! Love his attitude!