Monday, April 11, 2011

E-mail #18: We contacted some guy in the street and he gave us a fake adress BUT....

Hey Mamma!

Haha the $15 and 2 hours! Good luck! Im glad your having fun in your new calling. Thats good you and Kenna are bonding haha! And with all her friends. Im glad your having the missionaries over. Feed them and take care of them. The members are literally my home away from home. I have grown to love them :)

Yes my pants are huge!!! But there is a sister in the branch that fixed 3 pairs and 4 shirts. Hopefully if I dont get tranfered I will take the rest of them to her too and my suits :) Im getting skinny :) Love it! Its because its sooo hot and we walk soooo much!!! People tell me almost everydayt that im flaco! :)

I love my Hermanas! They love me too! One of them leaves in a month. That means she can write me... Hehe! :) There alot of fun :) Its hard cause you cant flirt with them or even talk one on one.

Okay send me Tom and Uncle Jimmy email. Ill send them a email. I sent Grandma a letter. It takes a long time! I miss Tom and Kathy. Tell Dad to tell them I said hi and I will write them next week!

So im reading The BOM in spanish now. Yea its super hard! I have both spanish and english. When I dont understand it i read it in english! Its super hard! This week I only read 5 chapters. If you can find the mini BOMs buy like 7 or 8 in spanish. People want to buy them. and 2 in english. Dont worry about the stickers. The scripture pen...did you send a pen and replacment colors. Because we just got the replacment colors. I think someone stole the actual pen. Last time Ortiz got a package half of it got stolen :(

My 6 month mark is on Wednessday :D Im buying pizza and I'm gonna burn a tie :) Sweet!!! Then next week were going to the temple!!!!! Remember my Goliaths. Things we have to do better in our lives. Well I only have 2 days left :) So my Zone is going to the temple! Im super stoked!

So this week was good! We found a new investigator :) Well... we contacted some guy in the street and he gave us a fake adress BUT at the adress we found this new guy :) He came to general conference and accepted a baptismal date. But he didnt come to church yesterday :( So we have plans for him to be baptized on the 30 of april. He is such a good guy. Last night we taught the Law of Chastity! Its a tough lesson but he asked lots of questions and really wants to learn and change his life! Im so excited for him! All from a contact in the street. The Lord works in different ways everyday of our lives :) Yesterday was tough though. We had 2 families and 2 other people were supposed to come to church but we had nobody. It was so hard! We work so hard and nothing happens. Well see what happens this comming week.

I talked to some of my companions from the MTC. Elder Evans is in Bolivia and he is a trainer already. Which means he has a fresh new kid! Crazy! There opening up a new area. He is doing great!!! Elder Price is in Villramosa, he is doing good! Were all saying wow!!! Six months!!!

But Im doing good. I know I need to think positive because it could be me leaving this week. Most likey Ortiz cause he has 6 months here. Thats a loooooong time! He drives me crazy! But he is my comp... haha happy happy happy My next one will be way worse! Hopefully we have some babtizms soon. When I started my mish, I said I dont care how many I babtize. Im still saying that no matter what!

Tell everyone Im good! I miss everyone! I love ya Mama! Tell Dad and Binny I said hi and I love them. Sorry this one is a litter shorter, we dont have much time today. Love, Mo :D

Dominoes -- back home I hate Dominoes

But, here in Mexico -- UGH! It was so good !!

Sweet truck --

He didn't want to talk to us, but he said we could take pics of his truck.

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