Monday, August 6, 2012

Email #86: I'm going to the other side of Merida.

Alright I have NO time to talk today. I'm going to the other side of Merida. It's called Kanasin. So right now I have to go home and pack all my stuff and go to my new area. Im going to be in a threesome for a week. Im kinda nervous.  I'm kinda an emotional wreck. Idk Im starting to have such little time here and right now Im thinking in spanish but cant type fast in english. Its hard. Im excited to get away from flores but nervous for this next area. Pray for me. Thats crazy that school starts soon!  I gotta go. I love ya sooo much! Miss ya like crazy!!!!
Love, Mo
Eddy, nelsey, edric and ari.

The baptism

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