Monday, August 13, 2012

E-mail #87: So, its been a super great week!!!

Hey Mama!
So, its been a super great week!!! Im still in a threesome. He goes home tomorrow! That will be nice to get everything all done and ready to work. I really like this area! Its gonna be sooo much fun! Today I bought my suit! Its nice! I like it. But I still have to buy a new shirt and a belt. Next week I will. The only bad part is that here in this area its expensive. We have to spend lots of money on taxis and buses! Sucks!!! But Im excited!! My companion is Elder Mendoza. He is a big guy with red hair. He is from Cualwilla, Mexico. He is a good guy! Im sorry I cant send lots of pics. The computer is slow!!! I have LOTS!!!! In this area we have a small little town about an hour away! Its sooo sweet! They all speak maya! Haha! I promise that next week my letter will be good! I gotta go! I love ya sooooo much! Bye! Have a good week Mama!!!! Dont worry mama! Youre the best teacher! Just do it because you love it! You will change those little brats lives!!! I love ya!!
Love - Mo

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