Wow we had such a good week! We started out by having divisions on Tuesday.  We had Elder Pineda. I love that guy! He's such a good guy. But at like 1 o’clock, we got a call from the assistants. Pineda got special changes to Playa. So he left L that sucks. Now Elder Beck is here.
 So I had a kinda good experience last week. Like 5 years ago a guy from Chandler served his mission here. He is now a cop for Phoenix. I have heard a lot about this guy. Everyone says he comes every year. I know a few of his converts here. They're all inactive. Kinda sucks. Anyway, he writes me on dear elder. He was like well I read your blogs all the time and well I think you could enjoy your mission a little bit better. He said that I talk about home a lot. He talked about another missionary that only had like 2 weeks left on his mission and he said that there was a big difference between us. I don’t really care like what this guy thinks,  but I started to think about what the Lord thinks about me and my mission. So I really tried to work hard this week! But when we try to work hard, the devil will always tempt us to do the opposite. There is a scripture in Alma 13:28. I finally understood what it means. It talks about having to be humbled. If we’re not humble we won’t ever be able to overcome Satan. It was good stuff.
 So there is a family that Cinnamon (that’s Mendoza’s nickname) Haha! Anyway. He baptized a family here like 3 months ago. They're sooo sweeeetttt! They gave us a referral for a family. We went to teach them on Tuesday night. They accepted a baptismal date for 15 of Sept. Then we taught them at the church about the Sabbath Day. The Dad has drinking problems. We talked about how to resist the temptation and how the sacrament helps us be strong during the week. It was sweet! Then we invited them to a baptismal service. Only the Mom and 2 kids showed up. The dad was drinking. We were so upset. But the dad of the new family that got baptized, he went to see if he was ok. The other dad (our investigator) -- he felt like crap! He felt so bad that he didn’t go to the baptismal service. But yesterday morning, there he was in sacrament meeting with his family. It was such a great expiernce to see him there with his family!!! Ugh! I love the mission! Cinnamon went to the small town with Pako yesterday while I was here with Bryan. Cinnamon says we have lots of referrals for the small town. So I’m excited to go back this week to meet new people. We have a couple other people but not as cool as this family. J
 Love, MO