Monday, September 3, 2012

Email #90: This week we had a lot of great experiences..

Whats up Mama!

What another great week!!! This week we had a lot of great experiences.. La verdad! The work here in Kanasin is ok. The family that we have is having LOTS of problems!!! The dad drank again. L Sucks! We saw him Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Then he said that he was going to have lots of work and we would see him on Saturday. We told him that it was important to see him every day. But, we couldn’t. So we went back on Saturday and he wasn’t there. On Thursday he drank and got into a fight with his wife. Told her that he has another wife and family! UGHHHHH!! It’s horrible. Here we go again with this Doctor Phil crap! It’s hard!

On the other hand we have our small town called Telchaquillo! It’s SWEET!!! We went on Friday. The members there give us lots of referrals! We talked with one guy named Jaime. He accepted his date to be baptized! He had spoken with missionaries for like 2 years but never got baptized or even accepted. Pretty cool! Then there was another lady called Mirna. Her husband hasn’t let her get baptized because he is a jerk. But we went and saw her and she accepted a date for 16 of Sept. We taught her about Faith -- That her husband would let her get baptized. We also taught her mom. But the best part is her dad. Her dad lost his sight and hearing like 5 years ago. He can’t see very well or hear. He went Beethoven style or something like that. He was outside on the front porch while we talked with Mirna and her mom. We were in the Living room. Same room where he was. After the lesson we walked outside the house while the members said goodbye. Then I walked back in to use the bathroom. The dad talked to his daughter and said are you getting baptized? She said yes. He said Take me with you, I want to too. This man couldn’t have had any clue about what we talked about but he felt the spirit so strong!!!! Then I gave him a blessing. It was different. Every time I tried to say what I wanted to -- my Spanish went crap! But then randomly I started talking. But during the blessing I saw the veil. Like everything was white and I saw Christ. After the blessing he started speaking and said thanks. After, I asked Cinnamon what he saw. He saw the veil too!!!! CRAZY!!!!! It was sooo sweet!!! We’re going to baptize them in an asanote. Like a water fall thing! J

Then on Sunday I went back to church with Heiner. It’s so small but the members are soo cool! We had to bless the sacrament and give a blessing to a baby. After we taught a class. But there all the classes are outside because there is only two rooms. It’s so sweet! One lady didn’t understand the class so some lady repeated what we said and said it in Maya! Hahha! Sweet!!! I want to make it a branch. Its technically part of our ward -- they just have permission to do it there. It was a wonderful and humbling experience. We take it way for granted -- the churches in the states!!!

So it was a wonderful week! I love my small town!!! Look it up on google. TELCHAQUILLO, YUCATAN. I gotta go! Love ya!!!

Teaching a class in my small town,

Elder Reiner and I

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