Monday, September 10, 2012

Email #91: I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!

Wow! It was so great to see pics of Sam! I miss that guy so much!!! It was GREAT to see a pic of Parrish!!! I love that guy! He was a great missionary! Yea, this is my last transfer! Crazy! But there is still lots of time! We have been working alot in Telchaquillo. Its our small town. I seriously love it! It will be a culture shock when you come and see it! The people are so great! They all speak Maya. Haha! On Sunday we're going to baptize a lady. Her name is Mirna. She is the one that her husband wouldn’t let her get baptized! But she is going to on Sunday morning. We also have a guy named Jaime. He is a great guy trying to overcome alcohol. He is going to get baptized on the 22 of Sept. But we’re going to try to baptize him in a Cenote. It’s like a cave with water! It should be really cool. Our other family is kinda falling apart. Juan drank again and didn’t go to church. His wife left for a few days and also didn’t go to church. L It sucks! We’ll see what were going to do.  It was kind of  a hard week. We weren’t diligent so we didn’t have much success. We need to work harder! It’s hard because Cinnamon doesn’t work very hard. He is a great kid. But he doesn’t go out of his way to do anything! So I have to do everything and sometimes I’m just tired of doing it all. But I gotta do it. I’m excited.
So I got a call from Omar on Monday and he told me that he was getting sealed on Saturday and that he called Prez and asked permission for me to go. So….YEA I WENT!!!!! Ahhhh! It was such a good experience. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! It was so great to be with Omar in the Temple. He is like me. We were messing around and joking in the celestial room. Haha! I love him! Then after, we went into the sealing room. The guy that led the sealing asked well who are the witnesses. Omar said, well the missionaries. I got to be a witness. My name is signed on their certificate!!! It was such a great experience! The spirit was so strong! It was wonderful. I can’t wait till November to see Fabian get sealed! J
I hope all this crap with the tractor gets fixed. :/ But tell the old man I said hi and I love him lots! J Well Mama I gotta go. Love ya!
Love, MO

Lopez Magana Family
after their sealing in the temple

Ceasar, Cinnamon and me in Pixlya Yucatan--
another small town.

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