Monday, September 24, 2012

Email #93: Alot of our invetigators aren't progressing.

Whats up Mama!

So were here in the apple store with Pako. I went to get my new shirt. I had to get it specially made. But its gonna be sweet!!! Now were waiting for Pako to buy something for his i phone. So were taking advantage of the internet and writing home. I saw a little bit of the news about the Chargers. :( Thats sad!!! When I get back they're gonna do good! Haha! So I also bought a new belt for like 5 bucks. Im ready to come home looking good!

So this week was hard. Alot of our invetigators aren't progressing. But Cessey and her drunk husband are! YEA!!! They came to church twice in a row now. She is getting babtized on Friday and Juan I think in two weeks! Everybody else is kinda like ehhh maybe Ill do it or maybe ill not.

Cinnamon is cool. I love him. Buts its hard! I need his help but he doesnt help me. But o well! 

Not much more to say. Haha! I love ya lots! Tell Dad I said hi!!

Love, MO

A note from Mom:

I have just one thing to say .......  it is time for this boy to BE HOME !!!!  We are at just over 3 weeks and counting.  And, his emails are getting shorter and shorter.  I understand.  I can't hardly bring myself to write him anymore.  All I want to do is talk about him coming home.  Which is a big No No.  So - I really don't have much to say to him.  My heart is killing me !!!!  I thought it would be easier, this close.  But, guess what?  It's not.  It's TORTURE !!!
This is the Kanasin Center

Cinnamon and me

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