Monday, September 17, 2012

Email #92: Mirna got baptized! It was good.

What’s up Mama!
 That is great news about the Bolts! 2 and 0!!! J I can’t wait!!!!!! I’m for sure not going to be speaking a lot when I get home because I will have a beard and they don’t like that!!! Haha! I miss my beard! I haven’t shaved today yet and it’s long! Haha! I have been Reading the Book of Mormon in spanish. I just finished 3 nephi. I have to get going on it so that I finish this month! I'll finishes though. I also want to lose 10 pounds this month! I hope I can do it.
It was great-- the wedding! OF COURSE you're gonna meet Omar and Rita! J
 So this week was good. Mirna got baptized! J It was good. And her husband came too! I really want to start teaching him and hopefully baptize him. J Yesterday she invited us to her house and we hate Panuchos that had meat from deer. It was sooooo good!!! I also tried meat from armadillo. It was super good!!!! Her dad is the blind guy. I thought I told you, maybe not. But, he thought we were missionaries from the Presbyterian Church. So, he and his wife don’t want anything to do with us anymore. Kinda sucks.  We still have lots of work here to do though! We have Jaime that can get baptized in like 2 weeks. But we have to teach him more. We had to go find Juan and Cessey. (He is the drunk) But they were there and they came and stayed for the baptism. So that’s exciting. We’ll see what happenes with them. Cessey can get baptized whenever she feels comfortable. Hopefully soon.
So one month to go. I’m so excited to work still. But it’s super hard. But I love it! I love the mission!!!
Love, MO
This is Elder Alonzo and his wife sitting
next to Presidente and his wife

This is "like a cow"
(Not sure what that means....)

Mirna's baptism
September 16, 2012

My group from Telchaquillo

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