Monday, August 20, 2012

Email #88: The water doesnt work well. We wash the dishes in a bucket.

Whats up Mama!
So I finally have time to send pics and write a good letter! Im so excited to talk in spanish with Nana! Im pumped! Im sooo jealous that you went to a football game!!! I miss it so much! But Ill be home soon to see it! Yes!!!
 So Im here in Kanasin. Its like a small town that got kinda big. Its really cool. There are a lot of cool people here. We dont really have any work right now. Which sucks! But o well we just gotta go out there and find them. In my ward there is two other missionaries. So we eat alot together and its super fun!!!  The house is kinda crappy. The water doesnt work well. We wash the dishes in a bucket. Ya sucks! We spend alot of money here on  transportation! We use the tristaxis. Its a motorcycle with 3 wheels. Im trying to learn my area. But its really hard!
This week I saw Simister. He finished his mission! Crazy! Everyone is going home!!! Im like the oldest perosn now! Wow! My companion is cool. He has 8 months in the mission. He should have 11 but he went home for knee sugery and then came back. Everyone in the street called us white people! Its funny! Haha! Its fun to be with him. He speaks english pretty good.  Yesturday was stake conference. Elder Mendoza from the 70 came. He was really good!
 I need to be more excited. The time is just going down and down. So is my excitement. Its hard!!!! Like way hard!!! But yea! I dont really know what else to say. It feels good to be up to date again. Well mama! Have a good week at school. Remember to love those little brats! Be happy! Love ya!!!
Love, Mo

It took 22 months -- but...
he finally found a Quicksilver store.

Elder Colin, me, and Simister

Washing dishes
Mom says, "I wish he was at my sink, washing MY DISHES!"

We played football in the morning.
This might be his new place??????

Elder Colin, Mendoza, and me
Elder Colin's the one that went home.

A trip to Sam's Club

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