Monday, July 30, 2012

July 23, 2012 Email #84:

A note from Mom:

Last week we were in California, so this post is a week late.  I tried to keep it pretty hush hush this year.  I know Chad is a little trunky, and it's SO hard for him to imagine us in Cali without him.  He's getting so close.  He sent Cessey (his Mexican Mom that owns "the best burrito joint around") an email in Spanish.  She was so amazed at how well his Spanish was.  She kept saying, "Who helped him with this???" Once again, it was hard to be there without him.  But, next year.  And --  wait for it........  we only have 11 WEEKS LEFT !!!

Hey Mama!

Im sooo jealous!!! Like for sure! That Monster looks soooooo good! Three months baby!!! I love Cessey! I wrote that letter in like 1 min! Haha! That's how I speak! Haha! Sweet!!! Im excited to talk to her in Spanish! I wish I was there. I CANT BELIEVE that Mike and Amber are pregnant! What the freak!!! Wow!!! That was fast! I don't want to have kids that fast! Crazy!

So transfers were today....I'm here with Elder Flores. Were still companions!  Im sooo disapointed! I wanted to train my last two changes. I actually just wanted to get away from him. Its horrible! Its always something every single freaken day!!! I don't know what I'm going to do. Because we don't have ANY work to do. We have NO people. They all got baptized! I'm thinking about telling President that there is a hot girl next door and she likes me so I need to leave. Haha! Maybe that will work. But really I'm sooo upset :( I just need to keep my head up. Thats what everyone keeps telling me.

On a good note...Reina got babtized! :)))) It was a beautiful baptism. She is happy! Now we just have to FIND new people!!! We are going to baptize two kids. There parents were inactive. There so cool. They gave me a decoration thing. Ill send a pic. Its really cool.

Well Mama! I love ya! I miss ya sooooo much!  Have fun! Drink and eat for me! :)

Love, Mo

Buda !!

Eddie and his wife and kids (Edric and Adi)

Baptism of Reina

Yamel, Erin, Efrain, me and Flores

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