Monday, July 16, 2012

Email #83: We baptized Elizabeth

Baptism of Elizabeth

Hey Mama!

I got to talk to Brad Hunsaker today. Well I wrote him. He is doing great! He eats iguana too! Haha! He says his Spanish is doing really good! He is such a good guy! I love him! THAT’S CRAZY THAT SAM GETS HOME SOOONNNNN!!!!! Wow! That’s means I GET HOME SOON!!!! My mission is almost over!!!!!! UGHHHHH! Crazy! Hahaha!

So this week AGAIN me and my companion fought! It’s such a pain! Like really, its actually just tiring. But o well. This week was good. We baptized another lady. Her name is Elizabeth. She was the lady that got rid of all her virgins and images and stuff. It was great! This week were going to baptize her daughter Reina. She is 15. She is really cool! I really wish me and my companion could just get along. EVERY person that asks me who is my companion? I tell them well Flores. Then there like O….I’m sorry. I heard he was a jerk! Yea! So, it’s kinda crappy! But o well the lord wants us here for a reason! :/

So words don’t explain how jealous I am about California!!!!!! UGH!!! I hope Bryan takes me as a welcome home gift! Haha! Well Mama! I gotta go. I need to know if I can buy a suit and a shirt and a belt. Please let me know next week. I think it will cost like 250. I love ya mama!

Love, Mo

This is Enrique
On the mission !!!!

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