Monday, January 30, 2012

E-Mail #59: We babtized Miguel Angel!!!

Whats up Mamma

What a good week! We babtized Miguel Angel!!! It was so good! We went back on Wednesday to see if he was ready. He said no. So we told him to pray and we would come back tomorrow. So we went back. He still didnt feel ready. So I told him okay well come back tomorrow to teach you more. I asked him if he could say the closing prayer he said..."I.... its just I know this Book is true and I ...I want to get babtized on Saturday." Wow! It was sweet!!! The power of the Book of Mormon is powerful!!! So he got babtized on Saturday! We sang that primary song "I like to look for rainbows" It was a really good babtismal service. Miguel Angel is really happy. The Branch President said that he wasnt going to go. So we planned it all on our own. Then he showed up 10 mins late and tried to run the whole show. I really dont like him! He told us EVERY little detail that we did wrong that wasnt in the book. It was stupid. But the point is is that he is got babtized and he's happy! Federico and Amalia went to the babtizm. So that was good! :)

Thats crazy about Dad! Thats good he is okay! Its cause Jesus is with you guys cause he is with me. :) Are you going to go to the temple when Adam goes? You should. I miss him. Well everyone.

I took my shoes to a bad place. The guy put a sole that is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! They look so ugly!!! But the good part is that he only did the brown pair. So I will get the other pair done this week hopefully! I was so mad at that guy. I asked especially what sole he would put on. He did the wrong one. UGH! But they will work :)

I dont have that much time. But I love ya lots! Ill send pics :)

Baptism of Miguel Angel

January 28, 2012

We almost broke the font

Iri, Sugey, Hector, Miguel Angel, Xaltepec,

me, and Enrique

My branch

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