Monday, January 16, 2012

E-mail #57: The work is going!

Football! I watched like 1 min of the Broncos/Patriots! :) haha! It was the beginning and looked like a good game. Im sooooo glad there gone! I want it to be Ravens/Giants. That would be good! :) UGH!!!!! I miss football!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Jacob Bentz!!!! Sweet! Im gonna speak spanish for the rest of my life! I need to write Bentz! I miss that guy!

Elder Sedgwick. I dont know him. But he is brand new. Puerto Mortelos is the other side of Cancun. There is the Zona Playa del Carmen. I might meet him on Feb 1. There is a conference.

So we have this old guy. His name is Federico. He is 71. He is the mechanic. Hes so cool. I love his stories. He lived in LA and in Texas for 16 years. He speaks pretty good english. He is gonna get babtized on 28 of Jan. Im so excited for him! We are also teaching this kid that is 18. Its a friend of enrique. He is progressing really good! The work is going! Hopefully were going to babtize some people in the next few weeks! :) I dont have that much time. Sorry.

I love ya lots. Tell the old man I love him and want a letter soon. Tell binny that I love her :) Love ya lots moma! :)

Love, MO

This means

Eternal life, Jesus Christ

Xaltepac, me, and Hmo. Juan

This is Enrique

I'm trying to get him on a mission.

Chucho, Xaltepac, and me

Messing around.....

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