Monday, January 23, 2012

E-mail #58: We just have to work hard and love the people.

Whats up Mama!

So anyway back to the real world! Giants and the Patriots!!! Go giants!! I hate the patriots! I miss football so much!! Im a little disapointed in you. your going to go play tea party with your mom for super bowl sunday. Haha! I love ya moma! Just because Im not there. Haha!

So this week we have plans for 2 babtizm. We anncounced it in church and everything. For saturday. Then last night we went to check up an everyone. They both dont feel ready. Amalia. She is a widow. She is like 50. She said "Im going to get babtized in your church just not this saturday." She cant read so she doesnt have a testimony of the BOM. So were going to work on that this weeek. Then Migel Angel. He is 18. But very strange, nerdy and uptight kinda of guy. He wants to know EVERYTHING before he gets babtized. It was hard last night. But I was thinking and I said from the get go that im not here to babtize. Specially if there not ready. So were going to help them feel ready. I could presure them into doing it but thats stupid. Yuri dosnt want to get babtized. Her dad is HARDCORE catholic and said that if she gets babtized in the mormon church he will deny her as his daughter. Yuri is like 40 years old and can make her own decisions. Im so grateful that I have loving parents and if I want to change my religion you guys wouldnt deny me from the family. So its hard. Also Federico, the old guy that lived in the states for 26 years. He is married to a lady over there in Cali. So we first have to get him divorced and then married to the woman he is now with. Its very complicated! Elder Xaltepec was really depressed last night because, everyone is kinda of falling away. I told him that this happens alot. That we just have to work hard and love the people. Were doing good! But its hard!

So moma, I love ya lots! I miss ya tons! Its time to work now! I only have 9 months left! :) Tell Binny I said hi and I love her :)

Love, Mo

Good old missionary shoes --

well worn

Xaltepec, Migel Angel (the kid we want to babtize this saturday)

Me, and Enrique

Enrique, me, and Xaltepac

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